Huawei mediapad t5 10

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10.1" 1080p Full HD Vivid Display


Meet the Beauty of Nature

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Mist xanh MediaPad T5 comes with a wholly quality look, the pure and airy appearance delivers a fresh new perspective for you. The sleek và stylish metal body toàn thân along with advanced sandblasting workmanship & gracefully curved edges allow you to lớn enjoy the unique life with details.


Thin, Light, Durable

The MediaPad T5 is an eye-catching tablet with a premium, refined design. Its symmetrical metal body is crafted with care and is sleek & lightweight (about 460 g) enough to lớn be conveniently portable & easy khổng lồ hold.

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Stunning 1080p Full HD Display

The MediaPad T5 comes with a stunning 10.1" display (1920 X 1200 resolution) that delivers excellent detail. The 16:10 aspect ratio makes it perfect for watching movies or TV shows và browsing websites.

Dual Speakers, Immersive Sound

Dual speakers produce high-quality, robust audio for your favourite music. The Histen audio technology makes sound richer, giving you a immersive cinematic experience.


Powerful Processor, Blistering Performance

The octa-core processor with a main frequency of up to 2.36 GHz* gives you great performance while consuming less power. Memory form size can easily be expanded by up to lớn 256 GB using a microSD™ card.

* The CPU is 4 x 2.36 GHz + 4 x 1.7 GHz.

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Fast và Intuitive

EMUI 8.0 (based on app android 8.0) is meticulously designed for a smoother, more intelligent và intuitive user experience. Your apps load faster and run without inexplicable pauses.

Eye-comfort Mode, Eye Strain Relief

Eye-comfort Mode reduces harmful xanh light lớn create healthy reading conditions for you and your family.

Children"s Corner, Designed for Your Kids

Children"s Corner offers a fun place for kids khổng lồ play and learn with plenty of specially designed applications. Easily manage what apps your kids can use and how long they spend on the tablet by personalising access settings for your little ones.

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