What this does:1. Allows you to usar your Android machine as key-board input e terminal display ao your Raspberry Pi2. Allows you come tether her Raspberry PI to your Android device"s WiFi (3G untested, but should work).Background: ns love the idea of a truly portable Raspberry Pi box. I want to do one, yet I don"t have naquela compatible WiFi dongle, nor são de I have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Even if ns did todos of these things, I"d choose to conserve myself the sub USB port by having actually both mine network and input go over ns same port. Ns guess ns next thing to são de after this would certainly be to set up some type of VNC server and connect to ns Pi"s GUI via ns Droid. Mine Build:Raspberry Pi v2 (Linux allofit.net 3.1.9+ #125 PREEMPT)Asus Transformer prime (Android 4.1.1. Jelly Bean)Yoobao "Long March" -11200mA 1A / 2A battery (good para 10+ hours!)VX ConnectBot terminais emulator (Free in the google Play store)Hackers key-board - because I prefer tab finish (Free in the google Play store)How that looks (Click URL to embiggen)
http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8032/8042 ... B520_b.jpgAssumptions:Your PI is configured to operation SSHd on startupYou ser estar using a default Pi username / passwordYour Android machine has gato connectivity via WiFi/3G e it is enabledHow to dá it:1. Add a following come /etc/network/interfaces

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iface usb0 inet static attend to netmask rede broadcast
2. Power down your Pi3. Attach your Android maker to her Pi via it"s USB encontro cable4. Strength up your Pi... Wait about a minute.5. On her Android device, go to setups / Wireless & rede / more / Tethering & Portable Hotspot... Click "USB tethering"6. Start up VX ConnectBot and SSH "pi"7. Manter hitting return until that asks you porque o your password. Get in it.Congratulations - friend should now have terminal access to her Pi with naquela software keyboard... Kinda. Mine appears to disconnect the session every minute or for this reason - very annoying. Agora to set up routing so the your Pi can see ns world através da your Android device.8. Root you yourself up
sudo su -
9. Examine to view which IP deal with that your Android machine is using
arp -a

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mine is Add naquela default course pointing all traffic a partir de your Pi o fim to her Android device. It"s worth noting the this static course is temporary and will not endure rebooting your Pi. I"ve left it choose this since I don"t recognize if Android likes to mudança it"s tether gateway address an extremely often. If you"ve gotten this far, I"ll colocar you can number out how to make der static route irreversible if need be