revolve your old smartphones or tablet into terra natal security camera com this straightforward to usar security camera app designed come detect motion during tarde as well together nighttime.

As opposed to many security camera apps on the market, security Camera CZ records detected exercício as a series that photos rather of video and allows you come browse a captured images really quickly. However, you can watch and record live video if needed. The app is specifically designed for parental (including family) surveillance or enterprise management. Com two-way talk-back function and night vision this application is perfect to use as naquela baby monitor, senior care camera or pets camera. You can also use it to assistir over your property when you ~ ~ away, or to observe wildlife. All without overheating or unnecessary sistema load.

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Wide selection of complimentary features

Adjust your camera settings segue to ns environmentand importar the best results possible.

see & Portrait mode
Adjustable camera resolution Adjustable zoom Manually adjustable focus Switching between front & behind camera Night vision Torch Siren alternative when mover is detected automatic storage management com capture history up come 15 mim long mover detection advises Works com Wi-Fi or any kind of mobile gato connection Offline mode

Smart mover detection

Avoid undesirable alerts thanks to exceptionalresistance come false alarms.

mover detection area Adjustable motion detection sensitivity "Turn exercício detection off as soon as I am nearby" setup Scheduler

Remote ao controle & monitoring

traços your cameras a partir de your Android, home windows or Mac device Watch and record viver HD video clip Communicate making use of two-way talk-back function Remotely rotate off or restart your cameras enable autorun in case of unexpected device reboot Share your cameras com friends and family Sync with google Drive e access her captures from anywhere

Easy to collection up and configure

All you require is dois Android devices e Internet access.

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Step 1: Install security Camera CZ on your unused smartphones or tablet, develop an account e choose Camera mode. Step 2: Install protection Camera CZ top top your regula smartphone or tablet, log in with ns same account and choose monitor mode. That"s it! You have the right to configure your setup additional to fit your an individual needs using der variety of beneficial settings, or even add much more cameras.

Security Camera CZ is totally free.

However, if you favor this app you deserve to support its development by upgrading come an ad-free variation which will last 1 year e will also aprovar you two small perks of longer recorded history and longer live batten duration. If friend don"t desire to make a purchase however you"d like to support defense Camera CZ in other ways, you have the right to still assist significantly by rating ns app e leaving a review on its google Play keep page. Say thanks to you!

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