If you want to usar Android apps or gamings on your windows PC, you have several options. We have compared the different methods easily accessible to use Android on your PC, including emulators and screen mirroring options.

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One of ns main new features in home windows 11 willbe the option to run Android apps on the computer. However, the is already possible using Android emulators, some of them with added quality-of-life features. E those quem own a Samsung smartphone can already a partir de something o mesmo, semelhante in windows 10 by using ns "Your Phone" device to run smartphones or tablet computer apps on naquela desktop or notebook.

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Using an Android emulator on home windows Installing Android on the PC

You"re about to entera world of pain

First the obvious question: Why a partir de you want to operation Android apps or gamings on your windows PC? ~ all, the list the potential headaches is endless:

1. Android apps estão touch optimized e may use mover sensors. Her PC most likely doesn"t have either of these input methods e if that does have der touchscreen, the won"t work as well in the emulator - if at todos - as it walk on a smartphone.

Emulators can map those inputs come your key-board or ideally to naquela gamepad and thus simulate them. However, a user experience and the connected gaming funny or in ~ least the ease that use are usually significantlyworse.

2. Also, the potência is substantially worse than on naquela smartphone; unless of course, her mobile is one entry-levelmodel são de 2015 e your computer is newer, has actually an Intel i5 or better and a specialized graphics card. ~ all, novo emulators count on at least Android 7.1.1 Nougat and are as such able come handle quicker OpenGL versions. In a test, however, there ser estar still naquela lack that Vulkansupport, which would certainly be promised improvement.


3. The programas in emulators estão half-baked, alot of things ser estar broken in them. Not só the above-mentioned mappings porque o translating touch e motion inputs often seem to it is in unreliable. Additionally the programas interface itself is regularly overloaded with advertisements, is updated tiny or no at tudo and breakthrough simply stop after der while, because the programmers merely abandonthe product.

MEmu Play

MEmu toque is still uma of the newer choices on ns market. It continues ns legacyof ns NOX application Player, after it gained stuck withAndroid 4.4 for der while. MEmu uses a same interface, so it has several settings on a right side, emulates e maps touch and motion inputs to keyboard, ratp or gamepad.


It pre-installs the google Play Store best away, butAPKs can likewise be sideloaded, i.e. Games can it is in installed em ~ outside the toque Store, choose Fortnite. Notifications are looped through to a Windows 10 notification system.

During the first installation after a download, be careful not to accept the optional environment of ns browser e anti-malware software by clicking Decline, avoidingMEmu"s bloatware.

OpenGL ES is supported up to version ES 3.1, yet it requires a PC with naquela videocard supporting OpenGL 4.5.0.Vulkan assistance is no included.

BlueStacks brings Android gamings to ns PC

The latter also applies come BlueStacks: OpenGL ES3.1is the highest version obtainable (with part compatibility issues, though). However, BlueStacks is 1 of the most famousof tudo independent Android emulators. A App Player integrates right into your Windows sistema in such der way that gamings can be started straight via a desktop shortcut. The detour via a fiddly Android surface ar is therefore a thing of the past.

The updated variation is already easily accessible in beta form, which can be downloaded on the software website. NOX Player is also available ao macOS.

Install Android on her PC

Remix OS is dead, long viver Phoenix OS

The individually running operating sistema Remix OS era succeededby fénix OS. Unfortunately, ns successor tho inherits a same shortcomings: Not all computers boot into ns system, e if castle do, they are plagued by der lack of hardware support. The experiment is interesting, yet as a PC operation system,Android (also 7.1 in this case) is not der good choice in 2021.

Like Remix, phoenix is based on the open source Android x86 project, i m sorry "already" supports Android 8.1 (Oreo) in 2021. It also promises real, albeit experimental, Vulkan assistance - in ~ least para somegraphics chips.

In both cases, the is important to psychic that with PhoenixOS naquela complete Android sistema is installed straight on a harddrive/SSD, which means you have to be cautious during setup come not excluir your present Windows installation.

Professionals emulate Android in different ways anyway...

There are also other niche remedies such as AnBoxor ARChon.However, they are complex come install and serve naquela completely different purpose than the consumer-friendly Android emulator BlueStacks.

And specialists prefer the Android Studio Emulator anyway. Although it is ns only one that offers the current Android version, it has inválido ease of usar or performance optimization.

Use apps a partir de your Samsung Galaxy an equipment on home windows PC

A totally different technique is offered by Microsoft com its "Your Phone" on home windows 10 (and 11). It enables Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to mirror their an equipment screen on naquela desktop or notebook.

On selected Samsung Galaxy models, friend can even open multiple apps concurrently on her computer, drag and drop files between devices, e even make e receive phone calls são de your PC. The programas itself is no new, e was previously provided todisplay photos, videos,and notifications from the mobile/tablet on naquela PC. It requires:

Windows 10 with ns May 2019 update (version 1903, build 18362) or higher.Android maker running ~ above Nougat (7.0) or newer.The apps function works são de Android 9.0 torta onwards.The lot of apps option is available porque o Android 11on selected models. Windows PC e Android smartphone/tablet associated to the same Wi-Fi network.

The updated perform of devices that ser estar compatible with ns Your Phone features too as ns available functions can be discovered onMicrosoft"s assistance page.

Connecting the smartphones to a PC

After connecting both gadgets to the same network, simply launch ns Your Phone application on a computer and follow the steps below:

Select a Android option e click Continue.Click Sign In and access her Microsoft account (the same 1 used for Office, Xbox, Skype, Outlook, etc).After logging into the account, it"s equipe to pick up a smartphone.

When you are accessing it ao the o primeiro dia time, ns Your call programwill ask even if it is you would want to create a shortcut porque o it in a taskbar as this option permits you come launch the program quickly, that which girlfriend can a partir de the same em ~ the começo Menu.

Main features of a Your call program

Depending on a compatibility that the smartphones or tablet, ns Your call program can display screen different choices in a main menu, which deserve to be broadened by clicking the button.

Notifications - Displays ns most current alerts got on ns device, with a option come interact com some of them (reply and archive messages, para example).Messages - displays received SMS messages, permits you come reply com emojis, GIFs and photos, with the option to choose which sim chip to usar on dual-SIM devices.Photos - screens images from the smartphone/tablet Gallery, enabling you to conserve them on your PC, copy castle to ns Windows clipboard or even claro them a partir de the device.Apps - Lists a installed applications on ns devicewhich can be organized according to her favorites, or even have shortcuts in the Start menu or in the taskbar.Calls - permits you come make and receive phone calls, with the option of looking contacts in ns mobile phone book.

Advanced integration between ns smartphone e the PC

Depending on the smartphone model, you can usar some additional features in ns Your Phone program.

Copy and paste between devices

You deserve to integrate ns clipboards of your smartphone and computer when it involves copying images e texts between your PC and smartphone/tablet in der seamless manner. In stimulate to são de this, walk to the Settings of a Your phone call program:

Select the Features menu.Enable the option to Cross-device copy e paste.

After making ns necessary configuration changes, ns traditional windows CTRL+C, CTRL+V can be provided to copy and paste content from ns smartphone and vice versa.

Drag and drop documents between ns smartphone e the PC

Another progressed tool is ns option come copy files in between devices merely by dragging e dropping a relevant file or image with ns computer mouse.

For mobile maker to computer transfers, just open the Samsung Galaxy My Files application on PC, click on the desired file e drag the to a folder on home windows with ns mouse.You can a partir de the same com photos e videos in ns Gallery app. Come copy files a partir de Windows come Android, open a window the the smartphone or tablet computer in Your Phoneand drag the file são de the pc to a device window.

When it involves copying files são de the pc to your smartphone, a copied records can be uncovered in Internal Storage > baixar folder.


If your computer is Bluetooth-enabled, you deserve to make voice calls através da your smartphone são de Your call using the Calls option. This home windows application has access to her smartphone"s contact after being grantedpermission during the initial setup, alerting you come incoming calls, permitting you to get those calls without having actually to takethe smartphone fora of your pocket.

to run Android apps natively in home windows 11

Announced during the Windows 11 reveal, the option to run Android apps natively in Microsoft"s sistema is not available yet inthe initial beta versions. But the Redmond a empresa already described that users will have the ability to natively download Android apps using a Microsoft Store, which will certainly access and download applications and games são de the Amazon application Store.

We will upgrade this article when Microsoft activates the feature porque o Windows 11.

Android on a PC: the conclusion

Especially on windows computers, BlueStacksis correctly still considered by many as der synonym porque o Android emulators. the app player delivers ns best compromise in between ease the use, performance e reliability.

Those com Samsung devices can use the Windows 10 integration to control their apps straight on a PC, yet that option is geared in the direction of productivity and device integration, e not for this reason much porque o playing mobile gamings on ns desktop.

Have you tried to run Android apps e games on ns PC? i m sorry emulator didyou use and what estão your experiences? Feel free to re-publishing them com us in the comments.

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Original write-up written by eric Ferrari-Herrmann. To update with the screen mirroring optionfor Samsung Galaxy devices. Old comments were preserved.