When girlfriend purchase naquela new iphone phone as a replacement para your old Android, this often an outcome in der lot of encontro such as contacts, music, photos contained in the previous Android having to be transferred to the new device.

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The carry of dia from Android come iPhone have actually proven to it is in tricky porque o users. This is since both devices operate on different operating sistema software. Aqui we have listed multiple methods how to ensure efficient transfer of her photos são de your android maker to your novo iPhone device. Each method has been carefully broken down para ease that understanding e images fastened in most cases.

Part 1. How to transfer Photos em ~ Android to iphone phone after early stage Setup

Part 2. Transport Photos em ~ Android to novo iPhone using move to iOS application

Part 3. Deliver Photos from Android to iphone phone by Bluetooth

Part 4. Transport Android picture to iphone using google Photos

Part 5. Como as to carry Android Photos to iPhone acima de Wi-Fi

Part 1. Como as to transport Photos em ~ Android to iphone phone after initial Setup

allofit.net - Phone transport is naquela tool to enables you deliver photos em ~ android to iphone phone by uma click. It is better because you have the right to transfer dia even if friend have collection up your novo iPhone, take naquela look at its attributes below:

allofit.net - phone call Transfer

Transfer Photos são de Android to iphone phone With 1 Click!

• transport contacts, notes, music, messages, speak to logs, apps in between Android e iPhone.• Transfer data without erasing the encontro in your old phone.• rapid transfer speed without network and keep your dia safe there is no loss.• Supports over 8000+ Android and iOS devices. Functions for tudo models the iPhone, iPad e iPod.
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4,085,556 civilization have downloaded it

To compreendo started, friend would somente need a Mac or pc as an intermediary e the destination and source phones connected.

Install and run allofit.net ~ above computer. Pick “Phone Transfer”.


Make certain you plug in both your android device e your iphone to ns computer. If your tools have been appropriately connected, castle will show up in this window.


Choose photos e click "start" to transfer. Wait for der few seconds, her photos on your android phone will be moved to your iPhone.


download download

Part 2. Transport Photos são de Android to novo iPhone using move to iOS App

MovetoiOS is arisen by apologize to assist android users move to iPhone. Please note MovetoiOS will erase all your data on her iPhone prior to you transfer, please backup your iPhone first to keep your data. To move photos from android to iphone using move to iOS app, follow these sets the instructions:

Switch on your phone come initiate setup process. Follow each action of setup process your iPhone until you compreendo to the “app e data” stage.Click on the “move dia from android” option.

If by the time of reading you have already setup her iPhone, you will have to reset it.

You can do that by clicking on "Settings" climate "General" e then choose the "Reset" option.Next, select the "Erase tudo Content e Settings" come restart your iPhone.


Next switch on her android device e go to google play store. Search fora the “move come iOS” app e click on install. A list that permission request will pop up, madness “Accept”. A app will begin its surroundings process e when that done, click on open.Thereafter, click “continue” on both devices e then choose agree and then click next on a android phone. A 12-digit password will screen on her iPhone and you must get in this code right into your android device.


After this is done, your android device will develop connection com your iphone phone through naquela Wi-Fi connection. Her android machine will questioning you come select ns items to mover to iPhone and initiate transfer. As soon as transfer is complete, click on “continue setting up iPhone” on your device and set up new apple id or log in if friend have der previously created apple ID. When setup is done, you will then be asked to log in into ns accounts transferred to your iPhone são de the android device.

Part 3. Move Photos from Android to iphone by Bluetooth

Another reputable method porque o transferring photos em ~ android to iphone phone is v Bluetooth. To dá this, click on ns settings app on both phones. Select ns Bluetooth option. Another rua to compreendo to the Bluetooth choice is by clicking directly são de the drop under panel through sliding your hand from the top screen down.

Check the “visible to other device” option to make both gadgets visible to every other.

On your android machine go to file gerente app e click on it. Look para the DCIM folder (usually contains your camera content) and click on it.

Long insanity on uma picture for long to examine it, this instantly creates naquela checkbox para the remainder photos return some devices don’t add empty checkboxes.Click on tudo de pictures or if you ~ ~ not interested in transferring all, select the ones friend prefer.Make certain you plugin both your android device and your iphone to the laptop. This have to be excellent by means of naquela USB cable. Once you madness on a “Start” button, a pop up will appear demonstrar two phone icons. If your devices have been properly connected, they will show up in this window.

When the is done, choose a “share” icon, this will bring a list of option, search lado de fora the Bluetooth option e select it.

A perform of gadgets visible to your android machine will popular music up, select your iPhone and if it’s not visible, manter refreshing perform till it come up.

After picking your iPhone, der transfer request will come in questioning to accept transfer. Click “accept” e watch a progress bar while each picture is transferred one at der time.


It is important to inform you that ns rate of transfer on Bluetooth is identified by the model of Bluetooth you have installed on her devices.

Part 4. Deliver Android photos to iphone using google Photos

Google photos app is another sure way of delivering photos são de an android maker to iphone phone device. To dá this search o fim the google photos app on playstore and install on your android device.

Enable a backup e sync alternative in the google photo app. This would ensure photos ~ ~ automatically uploaded and stored on google drive.


When you have done this, download e install the google photos app em ~ itunes ios store.


Then open the app and click on the backup and sync feature. Photos will start demonstrar up on her iPhone. Dá realize the this takes equipe to complete ns download.

Part 5. Como as to carry Android Photos to iPhone através da Wi-Fi

The visibility of naquela file manager in tools helps a users in der lot of things. They assist in a storing, copy, moving, deleting e renaming that files e folders on phones. This function till now is só available to android tools as iPhone são de not have actually it yet. As a result, there ~ ~ a lot of third party applications ao iPhone that perform semelhante functions to the of an android’s file manager. To transport photos em ~ your android an equipment to her iPhone, download the FileMaster app.

The FileMaster application has been designed to not apenas um manage files on your iPhone yet also help in data transfer between your iPhone and other devices. In summary, this app works by sending out files from your iphone phone to a app, e then a partir de there to any type of destination. Tudo this is done over Wi-Fi. Listed below is naquela detailed procedure on como as to use a FileMaster application to transport photos a partir de android come iPhone.

Download a FileMaster app. Dá note that der web browser on your android phone will be provided to connect to iphone file gerente in exchange the data.When it has been installed, launch a FileMaster app on her iPhone. Click on “More” icon. Thereafter, pick “Wi-Fi Transfer” em ~ the pop-up menu.Next, on ns Wi-Fi carry screen, toggle on a Wi-Fi option to obtain an iphone Wi-Fi address.

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Thereafter, make sure your android device is linked to ns Wireless network your iphone is connected to. When that is done, open the gato browser on her android machine to compreendo access to the wireless deliver address. After successful connection, you will have accessibility to every folder from your iPhone record manager.