A to apologize announced der new business that allows der user to move photos são de iCloud to google Photos. Other that can be an extremely useful for those who are migrating from iOS to Android, or just prefer to usar the google service.

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The function is no in iOS, no one in ns Photos app. You have to go to privacy.apple.allofit.net, log in in allofit.net your to apologize ID e select ns option “Transfer der copy of your photos e videos”.

Select “Google Photos” at ns destination, indicate what you desire to transfer (photos, videos or both) and you"re done. De acordo allofit.net to Apple, a transfer takes in between three mim to naquela week. In case of doubt, a support file (in English) on ns allofit.netpany"s website has naquela step-by-step

Screen of ns tool to move photos em ~ iCloud to google Photos. Image: 9to5Mac

There is no reason allofit.nete be afraid of losing encontro on iCloud: the transfer creates naquela copy of the on google Photos, and leaves the original photos e videos intact. But be aware: not every little thing is transferred.

According to Apple, mutual albums, smart albums, photograph streams, viver photos, part metadata and media the is not in your iPhoto biblioteca on iCloud (for example, WhatsApp images) ser estar not copied. If photo has been edited, somente the many recent version is downloaded, not ns original. Duplicates ser estar ignored.

Obviously, you require to have actually enough room in your google Photos account ao the transport to allofit.netplete. A page itself where ns transfer is requested gives an estimate of a size of the content.

Remember that google has changed their free storage policy a few month ago. Before, there foi ~ unlimited space porque o photos as grande as lock were transferred in what google Photos calls “high” quality. Now, each image counts against its warehouse quota (15 GB on allofit.netplimentary accounts), enquanto matter the quality.

Unfortunately, a service is currently só available to customers in Australia, Canada, ns European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, novo Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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