Sometimes a picture speak louder 보다 words. Share der screen catch of her favorite playlist, or her new alto score.

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Forward a screen catch of naquela friend’s call information. If you can see the on her smartphone, you can share it com your friends.

Capture screen com phone keys

Press & host Power e Volume Down all at once until a screen is captured.
When the screenshot is captured, you"ll see in the condição bar.Swipe the estado bar down, then swipe the notification down:To share a screenshot, touch Share and select the way you want to share.To chop or change image settings, touch EditTo delete the screenshot, touch DeleteTo open ns screenshot, touch ns notification.
Use 3 fingers to touch & hold the screen.
When ns screenshot is captured, you"ll view in the condição bar.Swipe the condição bar down, e on ns screenshot notification:To share a screenshot, touch Share e select a way you want to share.To chop or readjust image settings, touch EditTo claro the screenshot, touch DeleteTo open a screenshot, touch ns notification.

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Find screenshots later

Open the Photos app and touch

> biblioteca > Screenshots


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* tudo battery vida claims are approximate e based on a standard mixed use profile. The mixed usar profile is based upon Motorola devices on significant 4G LTE networks with excellent coverage e includes both usage e standby time. Out-of-box settings estão applied to a mixed usar profile to project battery performance. Yes, really battery potência will vary and depends on countless factors including signal strength, rede configuration, lei of battery, operating temperature, features selected, maker settings, and voice, data, and other application intake patterns.