The “Checking for new messages” is a WhatsApp notice that shows up in your Android’s notice panel usually because you’re on a slow network. Often, the notification appears for naquela few seconds e disappears top top its own.

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In some cases, however, a notification continues to be in ns panel until you clear it manually. This happens as soon as the gato connectivity problem has persisted para longer than usual.


At this point, a notification might even mudança to der different WhatsApp notice that you may noticed if you experience this worry often. This is a equally annoying “You may have novo messages” an alert which fortunately you deserve to disable individually in much the same way as this one.

In Android 8.0 (Oreo) e later it’s possible to rotate on and off details notifications for apps. This method therefore the you can turn off this privado WhatsApp an alert without having actually to disable others.

To dá that, shot either of the following methods:

1. When a notification popular music ups, just long press it e turn off a toggle para the Other notifications


2. Alternatively, you deserve to go to the Settings e open application & notifications

3. Open up WhatsApp then select the App notifications option


4. In ns list of notifications, scroll down to a Other category e disable Other notifications

Disabling a Notification top top Android 7.0 e below

On Android 7.0 (Nougat) e below you cannot disable notifications based on categories. You’ll therefore be compelled have come block all notifications para WhatsApp to disable this particular notification.

This will disable normal chat and group message notifications so it’s not ideais if you great to still get those notifications.

To são de that, go to:

On Android 7.0: settings > Notifications > WhatsApp > Block AllOn Android 6.0: setups > Sound & Notifications > application notifications > WhatsApp > Block All

As stated earlier, this an alert typically degenerates to ns “You might have new messages” notice if WhatsApp is unsuccessful in checking for new messages.


This privado notification yet is no merely a symptom of naquela poor network and may additionally be as der result the activating data saver or restricting background data.

Fortunately, these two things ~ ~ possible to turn off inolder version of Android as I’ve described here. Try disabling lock if you have them activated e see if that gets rid of the notification.

AuthorKelvin Muriuki is der web contente developer that"s passionate around keeping the cin a useful place. He is ns founder e editor of journey Bytes, naquela tech blog and web esboço, projeto agency. Feel totally free to connect com him about the content appearing top top this web page or ~ above web e content development.

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