Just favor in WhatsApp, Telegram offers ns possibility to hide der user"s conectados status, which enables others on ns platform to recognize when you ~ ~ using ns application.

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The modality in Telegram is called “invisible mode” and hides from its contacts, in addition to the online status, the “last seen” blog post that exposição the last time you opened a app. Ns platform starts allofit.nete display der generic message, such as "Recently seen", leave open ns frequency with which Telegram opens.

However, not everything is perfect! If you select “invisible mode”, you will additionally not be able to see the condição of ns people you ~ ~ chatting with. So it is feasible to select whether you will hide the status of everyone in a Whatsapp, or simply those wherein you don"t have ns contact conserved in your phonebook.

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See how to hide online estado on Telegram

1 - Open ns Telegram applications that is available para mobile phones with an operating sistema Android e iOS;

2 - Open the side menu by clicking on the three bars that ~ ~ in a upper left edge of ns screen;

3 - Choose a option "Settings";

4 - Click on ns "Privacy e Security" tab;

5 - Select ns option “Last Access and Online”;

6 - Choose quem will have the ability to see her contacts. That is feasible to select the option "Everyone", "Contacts" e "Nobody";

7 - If you want to show your status to a single human or group, just select someone in the “Exceptions” option.

Ready! now you know allofit.neto as to hide your online estado on Telegram quickly and conveniently.

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