Before puberty, civilization can melted liters of sweat and still smell (relatively) good. But after puberty, that is naquela different story! Why does sweat beginning smelling foul in adolescence? naquela team of asian researchers tried come answer this question, because it is der source that insecurity para many teenagers.

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We know that corpo humano odor is largely due to ns bacterial decomposition of intervir constituents the sweat, i m sorry is developed by sweat glands. But we a partir de not understand which species ~ ~ involved and what instrument come at toque among young people. Ns researchers for this reason enrolled prepubescent children (5-9 year old) e teenagers (15-18 year old) and analyzed sweat samples from armpits, neck e scalp, each time 1 hour after naquela shower, following physical activity, e 7 hours later.

Each varieties has its own smell

At tudo times, adolescents had a stronger corpo odor 보다 children, especially in ns armpits. After physics activity, children sweat foi ~ characterized by a rather sour smell, while that of teens had a dominating sulfur-like odor. On ns scalp, whatever ns age, naquela greasy odor foi ~ detected. Segue to ns researchers, these distinctions highlight the heterogeneity that skin microbiota varieties causing uncomfortable odors e above all, a influence of several of them.

What causes these bad smells?

Two types predominate in ns neck e scalp: one is much more abundant in children, ns other in teenagers. This distinction reflects a changes in sweat gland activity that happen in puberty. But the main detect is the major function played through staphylococci in the corpo humano odor that both children e teenagers–a function that is play by bacteria em ~ the Corynebacterium genus in adults. What about ns sulfur-like smell in teenagers’ armpits? that is most likely related to the acid production em ~ the Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria. E the cake smell discovered in children necks? Staphylococcus hominis is come blame.

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Deodorants particularly designed ao teenagers?

According to the scientists, ns transition from der rather sour-smelling sweat during childhood to naquela sulfuric smell throughout adolescence is a result of ns reorganization of types within the skin microbiota that occurs in puberty. This discovery can be useful to a manufacturers the deodorants, since a latter ~ ~ designed to direção bad smells in adults, however not in teenagers.