Since windows 8, Microsoft has applied drastic alters in Windows, which in countless cases do not you re welallofit.nete its users. One of them, para example, occurs in the novo notification center, which ended up gaining naquela space for it, creating der nuisance porque o its users.

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Fortunately, in enhancement to gift able to silence notifications for certain applications, over there is also naquela setting that can be performed allofit.nete disable a Windows an alert center. Next, check out how to disable the Windows 10 an alert center.


To disable a Windows an alert center, ns tutorial will certainly be separated into two parts. The primeiro shows allofit.neto as to hide notifications from the system, while ns second disables a notification sistema allofit.netpletely.

Disabling apenas um notifications

The primeiro configuration to be performed is an extremely simple and can be done straight in ns Windows “Settings” menu. Here"s how to dá it:

Press the "Win + I" tricks together allofit.nete open ns Windows 10 "Settings" screen;In a open window, get in "System", as highlighted in the image below;

Through the menu on ns left página of a screen, go into "Notifications and actions";

Disable the options that show up as displayed in the following image.

In enhancement to disabling todos notifications, if girlfriend prefer, the is also feasible to personally disable ns notification of details applications that estão unwanted. To são de this, simply go to a “Receive notifications from these senders” section.

allofit.netpletely disabling the Windows 10 an alert center

This second configuration, as stated above, fully disables ns Windows 10 an alert system e does not need that the steps shown over have to be allofit.netpleted. Here"s how to do it:

Press the “Win ​​+ R” keys together to open a run window e enter a allofit.netmand: gpedit.msc. Push "Enter";

Through the cardápio on the left ao lado of a screen, go into “User configuration> bureaucratic templates> start menu and Taskbar”;

Double-click on “Remove the Actions and Notifications center”;

Check the "Enabled" option and click "Apply> Ok".

Ready! uma vez you have actually allofit.netpleted this steps, girlfriend will no longer it is in bothered by sistema or applications notifications.


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