Game developers seem come have acquired it into their heads that gamers want ratp acceleration in tudo of their games. Skyrim is an instance of this. In fact, mine guide ao removing Skyrim"s mouse acceleration is uma of ours most estendido articles on a site, demonstrar just how much gamers want a feature. Apparently Ubisoft"s made decision to take a crack in ~ forcing unpredictable, oft-sluggish / laggy-feeling ratp controls into Watch_Dogs.

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Luckily, a quick configuration paper tweak have the right to remove mouse acceleration, disclose ports para forwarding, field of view, and other graphics settings. Prior to getting started, check lado de fora our recent relógio Dogs video card & CPU benchmark.

Update:We"ve posted second crash deal with guide! If you"re experiencing crashing come desktop, blue screens, and inability to affix to Uplay servers, check out our newest guide.

Update:Our an extremely critical review of watch Dogs isnow conectados here.

Mouse Lagging, Smoothing, and Acceleration

I feel choose this is some sort of WebMD article: If you"re suffering symptoms of sluggish movement, difficulty aiming, and unpredictable acceleration, you may have actually Watch_Dogs. Luckily, it"s no terminal.

Follow these measures to remove ratp acceleration and smoothing in relógio Dogs:

Navigate come %HOMEPATH%documentsMy GamesWatch_Dogsfolder name.Open GamerProfile.xml.Set "Sensitivity" to uma (from 0). Collection Smoothness to 0 and set UseMouseSmooth to 0.Mouse acceleration is agora removed.

Tutorial video:

Sluggish controller or ratp input in assistir Dogs

If a controller or mouse still feels somewhat "laggy" after this changes, try ns following:

Navigate to screen Settings.Change GPU Max Buffered Frames to 1.

You have the right to read about this setting more in our relógio Dogs settings overview & benchmark.

assistir Dogs port Forwarding Numbers

For those with manually-configured firewalls or fine-tuned settings, a default ports used for Watch_Dogs multiplayer estão 9000-9005. In the event this doesn"t work, shot revealing ns ports come ensure you"ve got ns correct numbers. This is done by opening the same %HOMEPATH%documentsMy GamesWatch_Dogsfolder as we opened previously; find "NetworkProfile Settings" to find ns port assignment.

Watch Dogs ar of view Adjustment

FOV convey is sorely lacking from the relógio Dogs menu, but tweaking the "WidescreenFOV" line artigo in ns GamerProfile.xml config record can reach the same ends. This will require playing com to get just right, but beginning at "120" isn"t a bad primeiro guess.

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Let us recognize if you have actually questions around any other assistir Dogs crash fixes or tweaks!

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.


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