If you are a user Android and always wanted to be able to use ns native emojis of a iOS, ns time has involved learn how to dá it using one of a positives of the operating system Google: customization.

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Na play Storeyou can discover apps to radically change the look of her Android. And one of the possibilities is to change even your cell phone keypad. Amongst them, we have a Green to apologize Keyboard, which simulates the keyboard existing in iPhones, with ns right allofit.nete emojis, Clear.

To use it, simply baixar the app em ~ the toque Store and follow ns steps:

1. ~ above the o primeiro dia screen friend will have to authorize the operation of the Green Apple keyboard on your device. Tap ~ above "Enable in Settings", and on ns next screen, select ns button next to ns application name.

Important: the is likely that you will certainly receive a security warning, stating that input approaches (typing) will have the ability to collect tudo the data you enter, consisting of passwords e credit card numbers, so just proceed if friend understand ns risk.

2. A next step is allofit.nete choose ns "Green apple Keyboard" em ~ among a keyboards you have actually installed on her smartphone.

3. Tap ~ above "Switch input methods"; on the next screen, select ns option "English (US)", allofit.net "Green to apologize Keyboard" in smaller sized letters below (check a image below), and then press on choose keyboard.

4. Ready. Now just tap on "Finished", e you can start using emojis in any type of application.

Tip: when a keyboard is visible on ns screen, touch the enfrentar button next to ns allofit.netma key, and choose são de the list that will show up next.

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