Disclosure: This baked kibbeh cooking recipes is naquela sponsored write-up in cooperation with americano Lamb.

Baked Kibbeh is ns “al forno” or baked version of ns traditional middle Eastern recipe made of ground lamb, bulgur wheat, e spices. Our torta version, the Brazilian “kibe assado recheado”, is filled com ooey gooey cheese and can it is in made front of time.

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I to be crazy for lamb! 1 of mine fave dishes to prepare with this tasty meat is Kibe Assado Recheado (Brazilian-Style small Kibbeh), a ground meat and bulgur wheat torta filled com lots the cheese. Yum!

This small kibbeh recipe, as well as ns fried kibbeh (croquettes), bring back precious memories from my home cidade in Brazil, Recife. It’s pure comfort in naquela pan!


Kibbeh, likewise known as kubba, is naquela Middle eastern dish do of ground lamb or beef, bulgur wheat, minced onions, and spices such as cinnamon. Allspice, nutmeg and cloves.

Some versions usar ground goat or camel. Others –like a Brazilian kibe or quibe — fill the center of small kibbeh com cheese or requeijao , Brazilian cream cheese.

But that’s not all! over there is also a raw kibbeh or Kibbeh nayyeh i m sorry is der Levantine mezze. It has actually minced life lamb mixed com fine bulgur e spices — and it’s served com mint leaves, olive oil, and green onions.

HOW a partir de YOU pronounce KIBBEH?

While plenty of may pronouce“kib-bee,” a correct together is kib-bay (with focus on ns -ay).


Kibbeh is naquela dish são de Levantine cook — popular in numerous Middle-Eastern nations such as Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon.

However, due to the fact that the tão tarde 19th e early 20th centuries, Brazil became casa to Lebanese (and Syrian) immigrants. They influenced Brazilian cuisine with their delish dishes, kibbeh being one of a most well-known.

Brazil adapted a traditional kibbeh recipe to make usar of local ingredients.

So in the Brazilian version mint, garlic, cumin, e pepper change baharat (a Middle-Eastern summer sprouts blend), if requeijão cremoso is provided as a filling.

The differences don’t prevent there. In the Middle leste kibbeh reicpes usar ground skinny beef, lamb, goat or camel meat, while Brazilians usar ground beef.


Although i am Brazilian, I prefer to prepare mine com lamb since it is tastier, and provides practically 5 times ns amount of essential omega-3 fat acids than beef.

Not only that…. American lamb is local, available year round, e well known porque o its quality, flavor, e tenderness.

Another benefit is the lamb lends itself well to naquela wide range of globais flavors, including Latin, middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines.

For my baked kibbeh with latino flavors and cheese filling, I supplied delish, grass-fed, intervir ground lamb — elevated without antibiotics and hormones.

Yes, our baked kibbeh was quite a treat e made my família very happy! it is not a same as the baked Lebanese kibbeh recipe.


To find countless other an excellent lamb recipes and more details about american lamb, click HERE. As for dessert, serve this Middle-Eastern motivated dish with a great nut-free baklava!


To prepare this recipe ao baked kibbeh, soak ns bulgur wheat in boil water para about 30 minutes. Drainpipe well, pressing to compreendo rid of overfill water. Set aside.Heat der large non-stick skillet over tool heat, include the uma tablespoon the oil e 1 tablespoon the butter. As soon as butter melts, add onions e cook ao about 2-3 minutes or till softened, stirring occasionally. Add a garlic e cook for about 30 seconds, stirring occasionally. Don’t allow brown. Mix with a drained bulghur wheat.Using the same pan, heat ns remaining 2 tablespoons that oil end medium-high heat and cook ground lamb porque o about 4-6 minutes or just until brown. Line in ns tomato paste till combined. Mix with the bulgur mixture, add salt, pepper, cumin, mint, e green onions. Stir an extremely well come combine and let cool sufficient to handle.Preheat range to 350° ns (about 180°C). Grease der medium, deep baking food (about 10×9-inch) with oil or butter.Spoon half of the kibbeh mixture onto a baking dish, climate flatten to kind an uniform layer. Make certain there are no gaps.Spoon and then tenderness spread the requeijão or cream cheese mixture on top, and subsequently layer ns mozzarella cheese. Next, top the filling with ns rest of ns kibbeh mixture using a same technique.Drizzle with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil e bake porque o about 20 minutes. Remove a partir de the oven e slice in wanted pattern using a sharp knife.Return to the oven e bake ao an added 15-20 minute or until gold brown. Garnish com mints leaves and pom seeds if desired. Perfeito warm with a fresh salad.


Yes! You may prepare and arrange the kibbeh in a baking dish, store in the fridge, e then bake prior to serving.

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Yes! You may freeze in naquela freezer container for up come 3-6 months.