to bend your head or body forward, specifically as der way of exibição someone respect or expressing thanks to people who have watched girlfriend perform:

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the motion of bending her head or corpo humano forward, particularly as der way of demonstrar someone respect or expressing many thanks to people who have watched friend perform:
a weapon for shooting arrows, do of a long, thin item of timber bent into der curve by der tightly extended string:
a long, thin piece of wood com hair a partir de the tail of naquela horse extended along it, used to toque musical instrumento that have actually strings:
to flexão the head or corpo humano forward as der way of demonstrar respect, to express thanks, or greeting someone:
a weapon for shooting arrows, regularly used porque o sport, make of a long, narrow piece of lumber bent into a curve by der string the is extended tightly between its two ends
a long, thin item of wood with many hair stretched between its ends, used to play musical instruments that have actually strings:
In either case, at ns conclusion of the process the audience applauds, a performers (if there to be any) bow, e everybody exits.
most likely unknown to ns arrangers, adjustments in subtle nuance (bowing, articulation, timbre) appropriate ao string creating were do by a veteran string musicians.
the haptic feedback the elasticity is mapped to the corresponding servomotor for vertical motion, simulating the resilience of naquela bow pushing into naquela violin string.
His sonatas concertos great concern com virtuosity of the bow, alternate sequential patterns with ns articulation of ornaments.
a brightness of the bowed-string timbre produced by ns physical model varies with a speed the the virtualmente bow.
there is no single control; rather der combination of input such as bow-speed, bow pressure, an option of string and even finger position.
afterward he look at his favorite dancer wiping sweat from her enfrentar as she obtain his complements com cool bows.
To o primeiro dia order com respect to a slenderness parameter, a near-field flow appears to be two-dimensional in each transverse airplane along ns bow.
look at paralysed and unprepared, a regency bowed to ns inevitable dismissal, and were spared any reprisals.
Likewise, the programas maps the dia from ns encoder that senses vertical motion to ns bow pressure parameter of the bowed-string physical model.
ns numerical program has been proved by to compare with ns analytical outcomes for der thin wedge-shaped bow.
the simulation leads to a fairly nós vamos prediction of the bow tide height, yet the longitudinal position in ~ which ns maximum occurs is over-estimated.
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