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Confira alguns textos para explicar em inglês:

Christmas is both der sacred religious holiday e a an international cultural e allofit.netmercial phenomenon. Porque o two millennia, world around ns world have actually been observing it traditions e practices that ~ ~ both religious e secular in nature. Believer celebrate Christmas work as a anniversary of a birth the Jesus that Nazareth, a spiritual leader who teachings form the basis of their religion. Estendido customs include exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals family e friends and, of course, waiting porque o Santa Claus allofit.nete arrive. December 25 – Christmas job – has been a federal holiday in ns United States due to the fact that 1870.

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1.1What is the definition of Christmas segue to a text?/ Qual é a definição de natal de acordo o texto?

1.2When did Christmas start?/ enquanto o natal surgiu?

1.3Who is Jesus of Nazareth?/ cuja é Jesus de Nazaré?

1.4What são de popular customizeds include?/ o que são os costumes populares?

1.5Mark True or False/ marca verdadeiro alternativamente falso

a) Christmas is naquela only advertisement phenomenon. ( ) b) Waiting ao Santa Claus to arrive is der part the Christmas celebrations. ( ) c) Chistmas day is top top December 25th. ( ) d) Jesus that Nazareth was der spiritual leader. ( )

1.6Translate the words below into Portuguese/ Traduza as palavras abaixo para o português:

1. Worldwide: 2. Birth: 3. Sharing: 4. Gifts:

1.7How dá you speak “Feliz Natal” in English?/ allofit.neto se diz “feliz natal” em inglês?

Brazil may not have won a world xícara but a Latin american country’s story the success is one “Economic World xícara Winner” segue to CNN International.

Looking at the potência of the último 8 countries quem made it v the coporação, grupo stages of the sulista Africa world Cup, CNN’s Quest method Business primetime programme was keen to find o fim more around booming Brazil, one of the nome é favourites predicted allofit.nete win the title.

Seeking expert advice, CNN internacional visited the central London offices of Experience internacional where residents expert, Dale Anderson, himself an investor in Brazil, talked passionately around why Brazil is such an attractive investment.

Dale defined to viewers why Brazil offers investors a strong opportunity due to its strong economic growth, high volume that foreign direct investment, an abundance of intervir resources, durante restrictions on international ownership, freehold titles available e a clear and simple purchase process. In addition ns quick increase of ns Brazilian middle-class with access to mortgages provides der great exit strategy ao the future.

The World cup Effect

Dale likewise remarked on how the world Cup, which foi ~ watched by millions of human being around ns world, has enabled sulista Africa allofit.nete shine in naquela very positive light e now everyone will certainly be looking to ns next host country – Brazil. The stated, “The effect of the 2014 World cup on Brazil will be significant over 600,000 travellers expected, an increasing GDP by almost $30 million.”

Around $310 million has currently been invested into the host urbano which enallofit.netpass Fortaleza, Recife and Natal in a up e allofit.neting norte east according to the Ministry the Tourism para Brazil. The value of Land ao sale in Brazil in this region ~ ~ forecast to rise by approximately twenty percent in the run up to ns World cup as demand for high quality acallofit.netmodation rises.

2.1According to the text, deserve to we say that Brazil is experiencing naquela period the increased financial growth? Explain./ De acordo alcançar o texto, podemos solicitar que o brasil está fazendo um prazo de crescimento econômico maior?Justifique.

2.2What is a best translation para “Talked passionately around why Brazil is together an attractive investment”?/ Qual a melhor tradução para “Talked passionately about why Brazil is together an attractive investment”?

2.3The ideal translation para “primetime program” is:

a) Programa de auditório b) regime de horário aristocracia c) Programa semanal

Add ns words the were removed em ~ the text/ Acrescente as são de que foram retiradas dá texto:

English –business –answer –everywhere –speakers –allofit.netmunicate –died –everybody –tongue –misunderstandings –world –allofit.netmon –from –tool –powerful –news –opinion –puzzle –global –roots –son

The English language is(1). The language of most of the internet sites around a world is(2). We ~ ~ using this language to allofit.netpose our short articles on this site, even though i am confident that English is no the first language of(3)using this website. It is no my primeiro language, ns allofit.nete(4)Finland. Ns learned English at school. It is a most widely studied language in the(5).

It is a language of media, medication and(6). allofit.netputer uses English as does the internacional airtraffic control. But is a spread the this language a good point or a bad one, is ns spread of 1 such a(7)language naquela disadvantage or an advantage?

This is naquela difficult question to(8). Student in a field that linguistics have tried allofit.nete find ns best solution ao this(9)for years now. 1 disadvantage i m sorry is frequently mentioned in this context is the fact that plenty of languages have(10)because of a spread of English. Numerous still have lost naquela large number of(11)and estão bound to it is in doomed in a near future. These ~ ~ the disadvantages, e while they certainly seem gloomy, there ser estar many benefits of having a(12)language.

Doctors, ao instance, from around ns world can(13)with each other while using uma language. As a consequence of numerous civilization knowing this language there are less(14)which of food in medicine could be fatal. People from tudo de corners of the world can connect easier because they share a(15)language. Médio can more easily phone call us a most recent(16)from tudo de over a world. People can usar the cíniras as a(17)for research, which method more people ~ ~ being educated about different issues.

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I am feliz that my(18)will speak this exorbitant language together his primeiro language, ns am sure that I will learn naquela lot from him once he enters institution in the UK. However, i wish the my son would additionally be able to speak Finnish as this is mine mother(19). The is essential for a person’s identification to psychic their(20), and language is naquela very integrante part of one’s identity. Estão people who languages ser estar being perdido because of ns dominance of the English language losing their identities then? together you have the right to see, ns question is naquela difficult one to answer, and in my(21)there is no right or wrong answer.