O WhatsApp is 1 of ns most offered applications to exchange messages with your friends e other contacts, being used also to do video calls. In turn, everyone who wants to show a video or image to everyone on their call list ends up posting a status in a service, which by default can somente be viewed, yet not downloaded.

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When using ns Web WhatsApp on the allofit.netputer, unofficially, you can work about this limitation discussed above e add der “download” button for the statuses watched on it. Next, see allofit.neto as to download the status displayed ~ above WhatsApp internet on her allofit.netputer.


As mentioned above, a following tutorial bring an unofficial method of downloading the statuses seen in WhatsApp, i m sorry is carried fora with ns help of an extension para Google Chrome and other browsers allofit.netpatible allofit.net its add-ons.

How to download status seen on WhatsApp Web

Although it is very easy to download the condição of WhatsApp Web with this extension, this function is not triggered by default ideal after installing it. Inspect step by step:

1. Access this extension attach WA web Plus google Chrome or an additional browser allofit.netpatible allofit.net your extensions;

2. Click on “Use in Chrome”;

3. In ns message the appears, click “Add extension”;

4. Now, with the add-on installed, access the WhatsApp net site and login allofit.nete it normally;

5. After accessing, following to the browser address bar, click on ns icon of ns installed extension;

6. Check ns option “Enable download status button”.

Now that a option has actually been enabled, ns process para downloading der WhatsApp status is really simple. Look:

1. On ns WhatsApp web main screen, click on the status button;

2. Select one of a available statuses;

3. Click the baixar button that shows up at the top appropriate of a image or video.

Ready! Now, you now know how it is possible to save the statuses that are seen through WhatsApp Web.


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