O Instagram is on the list of the biggest social networks in the world, allofit.net around 1,2 billion users. Currently, uma of the most supplied resources within a platform is Stories, a tool the allows cíniras users allofit.nete share photos and videos that stay in a profile for 24 hours and then disappear.

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Many Instagram profiles publicar useful e interesting things that attract a attention of number of users, but ns sharing tool temporary contente does not allow third parties to conserve these publications. This usability is só available allofit.nete those quem have posted a content.

However, reasoning of circumventing this rule e making vida easier ao users of the social rede of mark Zuckerberg, one application era created available para phones with Android operating system and a totally free extension in google Chrome that allows you to save Stories in your exclusive gallery.

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Here"s allofit.neto as to save Instagram story on your phone:

1 - walk to the toque Store, applications store ao Android phones, search and download ns application “Story Saver for Instagram - Story Assistant";

2 - Open a application e choose a way you want to access, with your Instagram or on facebook account;

App supplies possibility to download Stories a partir de Instagram. Image: assistir Digital

3 - Choose a profile you desire to visit allofit.nete save ns Stories through a magnifying glass;

You can find any type of user within the application. Image: assistir Digital

4 - it is feasible to save tudo the content by clicking the baixar symbol or saving a specific frame when opened it;

Application permits you to conserve as numerous videos or photos together you want. Image: olhar Digital

5 - Allow the application to accessibility your gallery and that"s it, Stories has been saved.

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The saved images are sent to ns gallery. Image: assistir Digital

Learn how to save Stories ~ above PC:

1 - find for and install a free extension “Stories for Instagram";

Google Chrome extension permits you to download Stories ~ above Instagram. Image: olhar Digital

2 - open your Instagram e go to a desired profile. Click on Stories and select the download icon in a upper left edge of a screen.

Extension conserves as countless videos or image as ns user wants. Image: olhar Digital

Ready! now you know how to save the Stories of that dear friend, or also that artist or web page you love.