WhatsApp estado does not allow ns user to conserve photos e videos published by his friends natively. Although there estão several apps in the play Store providing this function, that is feasible to a partir de this there is no running ns risk of having actually your info exposed to third parties. Just have der file gerente installed on her phone.

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In addition to gift able to accessibility WhatsApp status indefinitely, the following action by step also allows you to share picture or videos allofit.net your friends or on other social networks. However, psychic to constantly respect her contact"s privacy and do naught without the agreement of a person responsible ao posting. Check out this tutorial câmara municipal Digital allofit.neto as to conserve WhatsApp status.

1. Open WhatsApp e watch the estado you would choose to conserve on your phone;

2. Open up your phone"s document manager;

Note. Most Android phones now have their own document manager. In this case, the is not crucial to install anything. If girlfriend can"t uncover an application para this or your phone"s device doesn"t offer the necessary functions, just install ns ES paper Explorer. We will continue with ns application action by step as that is naquela universal option;

3. Top top your document manager"s terra natal screen, look porque o the settings and enable a display of covert files;

4. After ~ activating this option, open up your phone"s interior storage (if a applications are not set up on naquela memory card), look para the WhatsApp folder. Pick Media> .Statuses;

5. In this folder, friend will uncover the estado you just watched ~ above WhatsApp. Select ns ones you desire to save and copy to another folder or select the share option;

Ready! agora you know how to save naquela WhatsApp status without installing any kind of apps porque o it on her Android phone.

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