violin (Single Layer)

Exports all layers of the current canvas as a single planarization image.

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You can export in the following paper formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Targa, Adobe Photoshop paper (extension: psd) and Adobe Photo­shop Big file (extension: psb).

·You can set whether or no to export breeze layers, too as the size settings and scaling process.

·For TIFF, JPEG, Adobe Photoshop file (extension: psd), and Adobe Photoshop Big file (extension: psb) formats, girlfriend can set ICC file embedding.

·In EX, todos pages in a work deserve to be exported with each other by selecting the window. Porque o information on how to violin pages together, view "Batch export".

Dialog box

and ser estar not available in DEBUT.

(1)Preview rendering result on calculation

When rotate on, the dialog box will as soon as exporting.

For details on ns dialog box, watch " Dialog Box".


When exporting in JPEG, you have the right to set the image quality. A larger the value, a higher ns image quality. This alternative does not appear for save formats other 보다 JPEG.

(3)Output together

When the saved layout is Adobe Photoshop paper (extension: psd) or Adobe Photoshop big file (extension: psb) e this fea­ture is on, a Photoshop elevator layer have the right to be merged e saved. If a saved format is no psd or psb, this setup is no displayed.

(4)Output picture

When exporting images, girlfriend can select whether come include ns drafts, crop marks, default border, text, story information, folio, camera paths, and safety margins. The checked items will be exported.

With EX, you can specify ns image area to be exported in . A available options are: , , and .

exports a rectangular image with a width e height of a current selection area.

(5)Expression shade

Set the expression shade of the image to output. You deserve to select from , , , and .

For TIFF, JPEG, Adobe Photoshop document (extension: psd), and Adobe Photoshop Big document (extension: psb) formats, girlfriend can collection ICC file embedding.

Click come open the dialog box. In the dialog box, you can set a color para crop marks, default border, e the default frequency of screentones. Para details on a dialog box, refer to " Dialog box ".

·The alternative does not appear when saving in BMP, PNG or Targa.

· is obtainable when exporting photo in TIFF (extension: tif), JPEG (extension: jpg), Adobe Photoshop record (extension: psd) or Adobe Photoshop Big file (extension: psb) format.

·In the dialog box, you can set default values porque o the color profile, rendering intent, e library porque o exporting in or . For details on this settings, check out "Color conversion ".

·In a menu >  > , you deserve to set the color profile, and rendering intent porque o exporting in or . Ao details on this settings, watch "Preview Settings".

· is determined based on ns expression color of each layer.

· sets a brightness that 50% as a threshold e outputs in binarized form.

· exports in screentones segue to ns default frequency of ns canvas.

(6)Output dimension

You can specify ns size of a file come output.

Scale ratio em ~ original data

Specify a size of ns image come export as a ratio the the original data.

Specify output size

Specify a size of a image come export with width e height parameters.

You deserve to select naquela unit a partir de centimeters, millimeters, inches, pixels, or points.

Specify resolution

Specify ns size of ns image to export through specifying a resolution. A resolution deserve to be specified as a value between 72dpi and 1200dpi.

(7)Process once scaling

Specify a process ao enlarging or reducing a image para exporting. You have the right to select a partir de and .

When you pick , you can set ns image top quality if friend export clues . You can select são de or . As soon as is selected, is always used porque o exporting.

If high quality is desired when exporting in a reduced size, we recommend configuring para .


Applies the settings e opens ns dialog box. Ao details on ns dialog box, view " Dia­log Box".


Cancels the settings and closes a dialog box.

Dialog box

Click in a dialog box to display ns dialog box. This shows a preview of ns exported image. When exporting in JPEG format, you can set ns quality of ns image while checking the preview.

The dialog box does not appear if is turned turn off in the dialog box.


(1)Image preview

This shows a preview of a exported image. You can drag the come adjust the display place of ns previewed image.

(2)Scale up/down slider

By dragging ns slider, you have the right to adjust the scale of ns . Dragging to the right scale up ns image while dragging to ns left scales down a image. Friend can additionally click a numeric value to directly enter a scale.

(3)Zoom lado de fora

Click to scale down a image preview.

(4)Zoom in

Click to range up a image preview.


Click to display ns image preview in ~ 100%.

(6)Fit come navigator

Click come display a image preview come fit to ns window size. When a size of the window is adjusted, the image preview will change size accordingly.

(7)Fit to display

Click come make ns image preview fill the window size. When the size of a home window is adjusted, a image preview will not mudança size.

(8)Print dimension

Clicking it mostra the print size in ns .

A message is shown when executing this command if naquela display resolution is not set. Clicking exposição the dialog, wherein you can set der display resolution. For details on the dialog box, watch "Display resolu­tion."


When exporting in JPEG, you have the right to set the image quality. Ns larger ns value, a higher ns image quality. This option does no appear porque o save styles other than JPEG.

The setup is reflected in a image preview.

(10)File size

When exporting in JPEG, a size of ns file come export is displayed. This alternative does not appear for save layouts other 보다 JPEG.

Dialog box

In a dialog box, click to open a dialog box. In enhancement to chop marks, default border, and safety margins, girlfriend can additionally set the color porque o exporting the camera and transformed camera paths. Girlfriend can additionally set the frequency ao tones and effects.


(1)Crop marks/Default border/Safety spare

You can a export color porque o crop marks, default border, and safety margins.

Export in shown colors

·The shade of chop marks e the default border will certainly be as collection in > .

·The shade of ns safety margin can be collection under > .

Export in cyan

Crop marks, default border, and safety margins will be exported in cyan.

Export in black

Crop marks, default border, e safety margins will certainly be exported in black.


Set the frequency porque o exporting an image.

Depend on export scale

The frequency adjusts depending on ns output size specified in ns dialog box.

Follow layer settings

The frequency will certainly be as set in the original image.

(3)Enable tone effect for layer

When turn on, the conteúdo set in the color pension > will certainly be reflected when exporting ns image.

(4)Camera route

You can choose a color of ns camera path as soon as exporting der file.

Export in presented colors

The shade of a camera or changed camera courses will it is in exported de acordo com to the settings in > .

Export field guides in differ­ent colors

The color of the camera or revolutionized camera paths is collection to various colors ao each frame. The reference shade is ns set under > . Also if is turned off in > , a colors will be exported in various colors.

Export in black

The shade of the camera or transformed camera paths ser estar set come black.

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(5)Draw com opacity

Set a opacity of a camera path. Once turned on, ns camera path is exported in ~ 100% opacity. Once turned off, ns opacity of ns cam­era route will it is in as set under > .