Did you obtain that cute WhatsApp audio a partir de your mom, grandma, boyfriend (a), girlfriend (a) and want to conserve it são de memory? know that agora there is a way. Save messages a partir de application deserve to be very useful in several situations: in one exchange that cell, once you have to delete conteúdo to free up space on your smartphone or even to store crucial information happen on by the voice message.

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The process ao saving her audios it"s an extremely simple. First you must “export” the audio são de your WhatsApp e save the to der platform of her choice, such together allofit.netputer, email, or cloud. Then, we will require to download a allofit.netpatible application, i beg your pardon is not official, yet which deserve to reproduce a format of a messages, which is conserved as “opus”, which is no ideal ao playing ~ above players recognized as Windows médio Player, on allofit.netputer systems , or Quicktime, são de MACs.

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Let"s go action by step to far better understand:

1 - primeiro you accessibility your WhatsApp e hold your finger for a few secs over ns audio blog post you desire to save. A small bar will appear with options porque o what to do. ~ above Android, click ns icon with a arrow allofit.nete share. Top top iOS under “Forward”.

How allofit.nete share Android e Iphone Image: câmara municipal Digital

2 - In a sharing or routing display screens you can pick where you want to keep your audio. Even if it is to send to der contact, email, or save to a cloud, prefer your google account drive, top top Icloud, ~ above iPhone, or on 1 Drive. On the Iphone, ns options show up after clicking on an arrow pointing up on the right ao lado of a bottom bar.

Learn allofit.neto as to save audios são de WhatsApp Image: olhar Digital

3 - as we mentioned, after ~ saving ns file the is necessary to download the software allofit.netpatible with the audio to it is in played. The name of the player is VLC médio Player (VLAN, 29,8 MB), which is light and free, there is no allofit.netpromising her allofit.netputer"s performance.

VCL média Player application suggested to play WhatsApp audios Image: assistir Digital

4 - e se this is done, simply open e play ns voice messages in a app every equipe you require to check them or kill that person"s homesickness.

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