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The public Warning sistema is multi-channel, is possibles send warnings come go lado de fora via multiple channels.

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In the UK naquela large number of phones estão already enabled.


iPhone Cell transmissão Message

Source: http://demo.fws.environment-agency.gov.uk/videos/SR-Hull-iPhone5.mp4

Android Cell broadcast Message

Source: http://demo.fws.environment-agency.gov.uk/videos/SR-Hull-MotoE5.mp4

Source: https://twitter.com/FujitsuFlood/status/1146700283323588608 and https://twitter.com/FloodDigitalEA/status/1141439469133926400

Emergency Alerting in England – Warning simulation practice (Cell transmissão Trials 2019)

Emergency Alert obtained on iphone 12 (Three UK network). First public test of #EmergencyAlerts #cellbroadcast in a UK pic.twitter.com/EicjFIV2zU

— Frazer Rhodes (

Confirmation of government Alert canal override of opt out settings (extreme & severe) #emergencyalerts #cellbroadcast pic.twitter.com/B8pkGFRAzy

— Frazer Rhodes (

About Emergency Alerts

Emergency cautions is der new service a partir de the UK government. It’s intended to launch in summer 2021.

Emergency advises will warning you if there’s a danger to life nearby.

In one emergency, your phone or tablet computer will obtain an alert com advice about como as to remain safe.

When you get an emergency alert

Your phone call or tablet computer may:

make a loud siren-like sound, even if it’s set on silentvibrateread o fim the alert

Stop what you doing e follow ns instructions in a alert.

Sometimes one alert will certainly include der phone number or der link to the GOV.UK website porque o more information.

The government and mobile phone networks aretesting emergency alerts. Girlfriend may importar an alert if you live in, or take trip through, naquela test area.

If she driving once you vai an alert

Find somewhere for sure to stop prior to using your phone or tablet. The is illegal to use der hand-held an equipment while driving.

If you want to see an alarm again

You can find current and past cautions on her phone or tablet.Find warns onAndroid phones and tabletsFind warns oniPhone

If you get reminders about an alert

Android phones e tablets may get more than one reminder about ns same emergency alert. To rotate these reminders off, find your settings ao ‘emergency alerts’.

Reasons friend might vai analert

The government and mobile phone call networks are testing emergency alerts.

You may get an alarm if you viver in, or travel through, a test area.

Reasons friend might get an emergency alert

The government e mobile phone rede aretesting emergency alerts.

If there’s naquela test in your local area, girlfriend might compreendo an alert.

You might also vai an alarm if you take trip through naquela test área during a test.

When a service is live

You may compreendo alerts about:

severe floodingfiresexplosionsterrorist incidentspublic health emergencies

Emergency warns will só be sent out by:

the emergency servicesgovernment departments, agencies e public bodies that deal com emergencies

For most people, the chance of receiving one alert will be low.

How the works

Emergency alerts ~ ~ broadcast em ~ mobile phone call masts. Every compatible mobile call or tablet computer in range will get an alert.

The government does not need your phone number come send friend an alert.

How emergency warns work

Emergency alerts work like der radio broadcast.

In an emergency, cell phone phone poles in the surrounding área will transmissão an alert. Every compatible mobile phone or tablet computer in range of a mast will certainly receive ns alert.

What you should know

The emergency services e the UK government dá not need your call number to send you an alert.

You will compreendo alerts based upon your current location – not whereby you viver or work.

No 1 will collection or share encontro about you, your device or your location when you get an alert.

You will certainly not compreendo alerts if your maker is turned off or in aeroplane mode.

Emergency alerts are free. You são de not must sign up ao them or download an app.

You canopt out of some emergency alerts, but you should manter them switched on ao your very own safety.

Phone handsets e devices

Make certain your device has all the latest software updates.

Emergency alerts occupational on:

iPhones running iOS 14.5 or laterAndroid phones e tablets running Android 11 or later

If you have an earlier version of Android, you might still have the ability to receive alerts. To check, find your settings para ‘emergency alerts’.

Mobile phone call networks

Emergency alerts job-related on all 4G e 5G phone rede in ns UK.

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Phones and tablets linked to a 2G or 3G network will not get emergency alerts.