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I"m honestly no that impressed by the battery life on my 13. I"m precise not using Insta or any type of social media except ao Reddit/Twitter and I usually compreendo 3.5 hrs per day display On time. Not utilizing 5G, apenas um LTE once outside. Charing the phone once naquela day, once it drops come 30% or 25%. Charging the till 89-95%. Any kind of tips on como as to improve ns bat. Performance?View attachment 1913990
YouTube together some good battery saving tips videos. If you estão not using an advertisement blocker para Safari, think about using one. Impede ads will conserve battery life. Ns leave Dark mode on tudo the time. The one time whereby my battery vida was no great, ns did naquela Reset tudo Settings which appeared to help. I don’t use Spotify, Reddit or Viber, so i wouldn’t understand what influence they have on battery life.

I"m honestly no that impressed by a battery life on mine 13. I"m accurate not making use of Insta or any type of social media except porque o Reddit/Twitter e I usually importar 3.5 hrs per day display screen On time. Not making use of 5G, só LTE once outside. Charing ns phone once der day, as soon as it drops to 30% or 25%. Charging that till 89-95%. Any type of tips on como as to improve the bat. Performance?View attachments 1913990
Anyone having actually excessive drainpipe while utilizing amazon music? i uodated your app and it offered to be minimal drain. Agora when i stream in background (even offline music) mine battery has actually some kind drain com screen off. This is yesterday. Tried come uninstall e reinstall. I realize 5 hours is boa was much better. Durante background application refresh.
I use Apple Music on iphone phone (Amazon Music top top Sonos though). Ao me playing podcast on PocketCasts appears to suck a battery much more than that should; much more than transmissão Apple Music.
on 13 profissional max is this taken into consideration okay? If i were to synchronised WhatsApp to my AW 7 it will drain ns battery?
on 13 pró max is this thought about okay? If ns were come synchronised WhatsApp to mine AW 7 it will drain the battery?View attachment 1914334
It looks prefer you got around 4:12, 35% battery used. You are getting an approximated 12:00 on 100% battery usage. Your battery vida is appropriate in line com what various other people, including myself, ser estar getting ao battery vida on ns 13 pró Max.
boastenho um iphone 13 profissional Max e gostava de saber se denominações normal quando noécran diz que tem 100% de carga mas diz ~ por carregar .....Há emprego meu com tudo desligado sem formulários em segundo aviões sem gps ligar nem encontrar Iphone e siri ofereceu e cópia de segurança desligada, durante der noite, 20% de carga sem existe de aplicativo a trabalhar.

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Nice, ns don"t usar my iPhone that much, together at casa I usar my MacBook or iPad for browsing therefore it"s idling der lot e with der Watch/HomeKit/Findmy (lots of apologize stuff) it uses 2/3% each hour as soon as Idle. E when utilizing it, opened apps not in memory more than likely cost naquela lot more e so on which likely provides me naquela wrong photo of mine battery life. In plane mode the hardly is utilizing anything so method nothing dorn on ns hardware, just low power e BT turn off (but Wifi + to move on the uses around 0,5% every hour so ns guess I have to stop spring looking and have come deal with it.