Specifications: True wireless stereo (TWS), real no wires design, distinta left and right channel. HIFI sound, both ns left and right earbud ser estar Bluetooth enabled, could be used separately, or supplied as one pair.

Bluetooth version: V42+EDR (both sides), ultras low consumption Bluetooth Mod: A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/H5P1.2/AVRCP1.6/0.11.3. Bluetooth Frequency: 2.4GHZ Bluetooth Range: 12 meters with no decorrer obstacles Battery capacity: Earbud: 65mah rechargeable Li-ion battery Charging dock:950mah (optional) Talk/Play time: solitary earbud mode:5-6 hours one Pair earbuds mode:4-5 hours Standby time: Single earbud mode:100 hours one Pair earbuds mode:60 hrs

About pairing:

Pairing with uma earbud: grande press the multi-function button until a led flashing in red e blue alternately, then revolve on a Bluetooth on her device e select” HBQ-i7tws” on her list, there would certainly be remind voice saying” connected’ then you could enjoy music or make phones calls, it support reporting just arrive calls. Pairing com both sides: grande press ns multi-function buttons that both sides at the same equipe until ns led flashing in red e blue alternately; then dual click EITHER side to go into pairing mode, there would be reminding voice” all set to pair” rotate on a Bluetooth on her device and choose” HBQ-17TVIfS’ to connect when a led flash progressively in blue, lock pair successfully. Battery estado display on your cellphone

NOTE: THERE would certainly be only one earbud working once making/answering phone calls, but both sides could direção power off/play/pause function individually as soon as connected, the other 1 would it is in synchronized. Memory role supports connecting devices automatically if being .

Bluetooth usage:

Making call calls: it is in sure ns earphone connected com your mobile phone, and then you deserve to make phone call calls. As soon as making calls, over there is only 1 side earphone working, and there s incoming call, the would broadcast calling numbers. Friend answer a call by contempt press a power button 1 time and refuse to answer by rapid press ns power button 2 times. When the earphones estão in music mode, friend dial your latest number by quick press ns power switch 2 times(redial ns latest number). Listening come music: be sure ns earphone connected com your mobile phone, climate you deserve to listen come music on her music list. Shortly press ns power button to stop ns music e replay by press again. power off. grande press a power switch until led in vermelho when not use, ns Bluetooth maker enter turn off mode. It would certainly be power off immediately when a earphone longe from your Bluetooth an equipment over 5 minutes. No decorrer need to worry power exhausted. Charging: over there is recall sound when battery is low, e the led would flash in red at ns same time. Once taking charge, ns led would be in red, and turns in blue when fully charged. Note: ns earphone would be compelled to shut down when charging also if they estão power ON prior to charging. Switch language settings a earbuds enter pairing setting when led speed in red e blue alternately, grande press the multi-function button to switch mode from Chinese to English (reminding voice” English mode” )

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Please do not overuse this earphone or put it under heavy pressure, keep longe from wet e heat. Keep away from WIFI, router or other alto frequency transmitting equipment to prevent interruption that signal receiving. Please use this earphone under its working range (10meters), e the result would be much better if there is no obstacle between a connected devices. Use this Bluetooth earphone to connect any type of device com Bluetooth function


Dust-proof mesh Multi-function button MICCharging harbor Charging box Light Android Charging port

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FCC Warning Statement

Changes or adjustments not specifically approved by ns party responsible ao compliance can void the user’s government to operate the equipment. This equipment has been tested and found come comply com the limits for a Class ns digital device, pursuant to part 15 that the fcc Rules. These limits are designed to carry out reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates uses and can radiate rádio frequency energy and, if no installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to rádio communications. However, over there is durante guarantee that interference will certainly not occur in naquela particular installation. If this devices does cause harmful interference to rádio or television reception, which have the right to be figured out by turning a equipment off e on, a user is motivated to try to correct ns interference by 1 or much more of ns following measures:

‐‐ Reorient or relocate a receiving antenna. ‐‐ Increase a separation between a equipment e receiver. ‐‐Connect a equipment right into an outlet on der circuit different a partir de that to which the receiver is connected. ‐‐ Consult the dealer or an competent radio/TV technician ao help.

This maker complies com part 15 of the fcc Rules. Operation is subject to the following dois conditions:

(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, e (2) this an equipment must accept any interference received, consisting of interference that may reason undesired operation.