At Modern family Medicine, us offer naquela unique wellness care setup embracing a Mind, Body, and Spirit. Giving not simply diagnoses and prescription medicines but different treatments such as; osteoporosis Manipulation, medical Acupuncture, Cupping, Trigger suggest injections,Vitamin injections, naquela “Breathing BarTM”, a meditation atrium, aulas and more!

Elissa B. Gartenberg, D.O. Is Board-Certified in family Medicine by the american Board of family Medicine. She flourished up in the suburbs the Detroit, Michigan. She graduated a partir de the universidade of michigan with der bachelor’s level in psychology. She attended a post-baccalaureate pre-med program and graduate routine in Biology in ~ Harvard University. Dr. Gartenberg went on to medical school at michigan State university College of osteoporosis Medicine and graduated in 2002. She completed a transitional dual accredited internship through henry Ford health Systems in Detroit and Warren, Michigan. She then moved to Arizona e completed she residency in família Medicine at mei Clinic in Scottsdale. Dr. Gartenberg perfect her medical Acupuncture training v the joseph Helms Institute for Medical Acupuncture at a UCLA david Geffen institution of Medicine. She has constantly had naquela passion porque o alternative and holistic medicine. She is an extremely passionate about tobacco cessation e serves as a State that Arizona’s Tar wars Coordinator promoting anti-smoking project to 4th e 5th graders. She also enjoys teaching clinical students. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, public speaking, meditating, hiking, boating, singing, e spending time with family e friends.

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Dr. Gartenberg is a Mayo Clinic trained family physician. She techniques comprehensive traditional evidence-based medicine and incorporates complementary e alternative treatments into she practice. She believes over there is much more to healing than just taking naquela prescription. Through years of research and experience functioning in various clinical settings, she is agora offering her unique format of practice in naquela holistic setting. She will certainly be offering unique comprehensive medical care including:

Comprehensive physical exams para men e womenComprehensive lab work offering the most up-to-date wellness screening tests target at specific age groups e individual risk factorsPharmacogenomic testimonial of medications to customize medication managementGroup medical visits where patients can learn from other patient with similar diagnosesQuickie Sick very same day or next day visitsVirtual visits for qualified patientsChronic condition management: Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, etc.Rare an illness managementWell-women exams with pap-smears e special occasion “Pappy HoursTM”Well son examsExecutive physicalsSports physicalsEmployee physicalsHealth ScreeningAlternative Menopause TreatmentsFamily Issues/CounselingDepression screening evaluation e treatmentTrigger point injectionsOsteopathic ManipulationMedical AcupunctureCuppingIV Hydration therapy”Breathing Bar TM”Vitamin injectionsCustomized Pharmaceutical-Grade Skin CareBio-identical Hormone Therapy

Modern family Medicine offers up-to-date technology com old-fashioned traditional family medical care in the heart of Old city Scottsdale. “We treat ours patients choose family,” claims Dr. Gartenberg, “We created a modern family medical office with high technological solutions in der friendly, warm and relaxing environment.” from Dr. Gartenberg’s vast experience working at mayo Clinic e various medical framework over the past decade, she has gleaned suffer on what patient need e want. “I educate patients e give them a choice on como as to proceed com their health treatment treatments. I shot to empower my patient to make hopeful decisions. Now, with the Modern family Medicine facility, I deserve to offer for this reason much an ext in healing options!”

Modern família Medicine embraces patients of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, family dynamics, sexual preferences, etc. As naquela practice, we value diversity e celebrate our distinctive differences since underneath it all, us are tudo just the same. We tudo de need der place to belong to and to to the right in e not to be pre-judged through others.

Modern family Medicine is der unique prática which offers der retreat para the ar to take part in holistic-minded classe such as, Meditation, Mind/Body skills, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, artes Therapy, infant Music classes, Laughter Therapy, Skin treatment lessons, coporação, grupo therapies, one-of-a-kind workshops, e more! group medical escritório visits should be extended by most insurances for various chronic diseases.

Other solutions at Modern família Medicine encompass Virtual office Visits for qualified patients.

A “Breathing Bar TM” positioned in the escritório provide visitors der breath of new oxygen using water-based aromatherapy.

Soon come come at Modern family Medicine, will be aesthetic measures to it is in performed by an Aesthetician. She will certainly be performing traditional facials and a variety of medical aesthetic procedures including medical-grade microneedling, microdermabrasian, chemical peels, dermaplaning, e counseling top top top-of-the-line medical grade cosmeceuticals products.

Dr. Gartenberg likewise prescribes customized compounded cosmeceuticals with ns latest researched top quality skin treatment enhancers to treat damaged skin e reverse wrinkles!!

Modern family Medicine’s distinctive facility is unlike many doctor’s offices. Naquela relaxing private meditation atrium is included into a lay out of the building para patients e visitors come relax e enjoy a quiet cup of tea or practice a meditation exercise.

We will likewise sell onsite products e holistic-minded gifts to relax, empower, and encourage health e wellness or visit our online store.

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We hope you e your modern family will come experience a modernization of old-world medicine com Elissa B. Gartenberg, D.O. E her energetic caring staff at Modern family Medicine.