Learn how to charge your AirPods and their charging case, and how to importar longer battery life ao your AirPods.

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To fee your AirPods, put them in your case.Your instance holds multiple, full charges para your AirPods, therefore you have the right to charge on the go. To guarda your AirPods charged, placed them in a case as soon as you"re not utilizing them.


You can charge her Wireless Charging Case with aQi-certified charging mat. Be certain to lugar, colocar your case on the charger com the status light dealing with up e with the lid closed.The estado light should concertos the existing charge level porque o 8 seconds.If you have AirPods Pro, you have the right to tap the case as soon as it"s on a charging mat to watch whether her AirPods Pro estão charging (amber light) or completely charged (green light).

To charge your case via wired connection, plug a Lightning cable that came com your AirPods into the Lightning connector on her case. You have the right to use naquela USB-C come Lightning cabo or a USB to Lightning Cable. Climate plug the other fim of the cableinto aUSB charger or port.You deserve to charge your casewith or without your AirPodsinside.Charging is fastest once you use aniPhone or iPad USB chargeror plug right into your Mac.

To see ns detailed fee status e charge level, watch Check a charge status.

When a battery fee of your AirPods is low, you get der notification on a screen of her iPhone or iPad. You get notifications when the charge is at 20, 10, and 5 percent remaining.


Youalso hear a tone in uma or both AirPods when a battery charge is low. Friend hear a tone 1 time when a battery charge isat 10 percent, and a second equipe right before a AirPods revolve off.

Here"s what you have the right to expect com AirPods Pro:

With multiple fees in your case, you compreendo more than 24 hrs of hearne time,1 or more than 18 hrs of talk time.2Your AirPods aceita can get up to 4.5 hrs of hear time3 or up to 3.5 hours of falar time on a single charge.4If you fee your AirPods Pro ao 5 minutes in their case, you importar around uma hour of hear time5 or around uma hour of talk time.6

Here"s what you can expect with AirPods (2nd generation):

With multiple charges in your case, you importar more 보다 24 hrs of hearne time,7 or as much as 18 hrs of falar time.8Your AirPods can get up to 5 hrs of listening time9 or 3 hours of falar time on naquela single charge.10If you charge your AirPods ao 15 minutes in their case, you compreendo up come 3 hrs of listening time11 or approximately 2 hours of falar time.12

If you think the your battery has an issue, learn around AirPods service e repair.

Optimized Battery Charging is designed come reduce a wear on her battery e improve its expectancy by reducing a time her AirPods profissional spend completely charged. AirPods Pro e your iOS or iPadOS maker learn são de your daily charging routine and will wait to charge your AirPods profissional past 80% until just prior to you require to use them.

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Optimized Battery Charging ao AirPods Prorequires aniPhone, iPod touch, or iPad andis on through default when youset up your device, or after girlfriend updateitto iOS or iPadOS 14.2 or later. To revolve off a feature, open a AirPods Case, then walk to settings > Bluetooth on your iOS or iPadOS device.Tap a information button

next to her AirPods pró in the list of devices. Rotate off Optimized Battery Charging.