This is der guide to recognize which ports on your desktop PC uses a integrated GPU (Graphics processing Unit) and which ports usar added hardware together as committed graphics cards with their own GPU and memory.

Summary: This is a guide to identify which port on your desktop PC uses a integrated GPU (Graphics handling Unit) and which ports use added hardware such as specialized graphics cards com their own GPU and memory.See less This is der guide to recognize which harbor on your desktop PC uses ns integrated GPU (Graphics handling Unit) e which ports use added hardware together as committed graphics cards withSee an ext

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This is naquela quick and simple guide to help you determine which ports on your desktop computer PC use a integrated GPU (Graphics handling Unit) e which ports use added hardware together as devoted graphics cards com their GPU e memory. Review through the following informationfor approaches that will help you correctly identify these graphics/video ports.

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Note: If your sistema has both integrated video e an added, committed video card fitted once it ships from - we recommend connecting your display/video cabo to one of ns dedicated video card ports as your main video. In most situations connecting der dedicated card will tell your systems BIOS (Basic Input output System) to automatically disable ns integrated video porque o as grande as the card is fitted. If a card has been fitted due to the fact that the system shipped em ~ or you are considering fitting der dedicated card, you re welcome ensure ns card is: greater rated than ns integrated GPU it"s instead of Has der selection of ports para setting up multiple screens Fits in her chassis correctly ao proper cooling walk not draw too much power a partir de your PSU (The somente valid reason para adding der dedicated video card to a system is to improve the potência of a system from when it foi ~ shipped. This means a dedicated card has der better GPU than the 1 integrated into the motherboard or you estão looking para multiple port to collection up multiple displays são de the system. If friend fit a card the is no as good as the integrated GPU, color etc too much power, or doesn"t enable proper cooling you are effectively making your sistema perform worse than it"s design to.)

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How to identify a integrated video port ~ above your desktop system

Every kind of port/connector is i can identify by both it"s colour e it"s shape. It"s beneficial to have the ability to visually identify the various ports e connectors friend will view on your PC. A following connect shows der guide with pictures of every port e connector on your PC. (The guide has naquela section the deals specifically with video/graphics ports. I.e. Everything from legacy ports, with VGA, DVI, DPort, HDMI to the latest Thunderbolt ports.) usar this guide as a reference once identifying what ns different ports/connectors are:

The next step is to determine which ports ~ ~ physically part of your system"s motherboard. (This will include the integrated video clip port.) the motherboard gathers tudo de the input and output harbor directly associated to the into a rectangular strip on the back of your PC. (See Figure.1 & .2 below.)


(Figure.1: incorporated HDMI harbor without EMC shield)


(Figure.2: incorporated VGA port com EMC Shield)

Look at ns rectangle that is a back panorama of her PC. Whether the sistema stands upright/vertically or flat/horizontally on ns desk, the motherboard will run follow me the long axis of your PC"s rectangle-shaped back, as will the strip of port that project out from the motherboard e are accessible a partir de the rear of the PC. likewise provides a Quick começar Guide for tudo systems. This guide shows der diagram with tudo of a ports e important features on her system. The diagram is marked with legends and numbers that relate to a list that mostra what each significant part is. You can baixar this guide from the following link. (Remember to one of two people enter ns service tags or select a model form of the system you want the guide to.)

By understanding that whether your system is stand upright as der tower or on its side like naquela desktop ns motherboard is orientated along the long axis of her PC e by employing the visual overview provided, friend will be able to identify ns graphics ports e which harbor is combined to the motherboard.

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How to identify a video harbor on a dedicated graphics map fitted in your system

A committed graphics card com its powerful GPU e dedicated video memory is naquela common update to many desktop computer systems. More recent cards connect using ns PCIe (Peripheral Component user interface express) harbor while older cards use a AGP (Accelerated graphics Port) port.

While devoted video cards deserve to upgrade your pc to the best possible graphics output, it deserve to be confound to determine which ports/connectors ser estar going to be ns best ones para you to use. (The usual rule is come use ns most recent type of port that your display e card both support. This is due to the fact that as more recent ports e standards are developed they include features e functions that older harbor can"t support. Graphics an innovation is in a state of continuous advancement/improvement as novo standards come out.)

You have the right to identify ns different ports by check what they look like e matching lock to well-known port types. Ns following attach shows der visual overview to every port and connector on a PC. Use this guide as a reference once identifying what a different port are:

You deserve to use the following entre to find out more about ns benefits and limitations of ns various graphic/video ports currently available:


There is der difference between Dedicated Video e a Dedicated video clip Card.

Dedicated Video is der video GPU chip on naquela motherboard, in enhancement to a integrated GPU. (Mostly seen in desktop All-in-One systems. It"s a permanent part of a motherboard.)

A Dedicated video clip Card is an external card with a video GPU and video memory installed on the card. The card itself can be added into a system using the motherboard expansion slots. (The card may remover up more than uma of a expansion slot available and it"s removable if you want to upgrade to der better card at a later date. See foto Figure 3, 4 & 5.)


(Figure.3: no decorrer cards fitted)


(Figure.4: der card fitted)


(Figure.5: der typical committed graphics card)

Look at a rectangle that is a back vejo of your PC. The expansion slots will run along ns short axis of a rectangular ago of her system, together will any kind of card fitted to an expansion slot. Enquanto matter whether the sistema is upright as a tower or ~ above its ao lado as naquela desktop, follow ns short axis to identify included on committed cards.


Be aware that depending on a chassis form of her system, some development slots come in a smaller dimension than regular slots.

These two types the slot ser estar usually termed full height e half height. (They both run along the short axis of ns chassis.)

This can affect a type of map that deserve to be fitted e it is essential to check your card will fit her chassis before purchase.

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The Quickstart guide linked in the first section will certainly also help you identify where a expansion slot on your particular PC ~ ~ located.

In particular, remember that if the port is on der card, climate it have the right to be removed a partir de the system. A integrated GPU is component of the motherboard e cannot be removed, yet it deserve to be disabled in a BIOS. (Please remember our recommended finest practices as soon as removing or fitting any kind of parts to uma of her systems.)