This short article explains what system BIOS is e how to upgrade BIOS on naquela system

Summary: This short article explains what sistema BIOS is and how to update BIOS on a systemSee much less This article explains what sistema BIOS is and how to upgrade BIOS on a sistema

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BIOS is one acronym that stands porque o Basic Input Output System. Additionally known together "System Setup," ns BIOS is embedded programas on a small memory chip on the computer motherboard. This chip is described as ns Complementary kimi Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS). The acts together an user interface between ns computer hardware e operating system, permitting the software to ao controle the hardware.

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The BIOS has instructions that ns computer provides to perform an easy instructions, together booting from der network or difficult drive, or which drive to boots from.

BIOS is additionally used come identify and configure hardware contents in der computer. These include a hard drive, floppy drive, optical drive, processor, memory, e Plug-and-Play devices. This is called a ESCD (Extended system Configuration Data), e is stored in extr nonvolatile memory recognized as Non-Volatile Random accessibility Memory (NVRAM).

Over ns years as modern technology has readjusted people quiet refer to ns BIOS as both CMOS e NVRAM, but they are subtly different. A CMOS contains the BIOS and its settings, ns NVRAM contains the ESCD, hence updating ns BIOS does no clear ns NVRAM.

You can get in the sistema BIOS or Setup on der pc by pressing F2 at the loading screen. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: BIOS Loading Screen


Or by pressing F12 and selecting BIOS Setup from the menu. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: 1 Time boots Menu


Caution: Be cautious when transforming BIOS settings. Ns BIOS interface is designed para advanced users, friend can mudança a setup that could prevent your computer from starting correctly and you can suffer potential ns of data.

Here is an example of what ns BIOS sistema setup display looks like: (Figure 3)

Figure 3: OptiPlex 990 BIOS Screen



Why must You update the sistema BIOS? recommends updating the BIOS as component of your booked update cycle. Like operating system and driver revisions, naquela BIOS update has feature renovations or alters that help guarda your system programas current e compatible com other sistema modules (hardware, firmware, drivers, and software) as well as providing defense updates and increased stability.

Unlike Windows and anti-virus program updates which are automatic, BIOS needs to be to update manually. offers an easy-to-use self-installing upgrade package.

Caution: Always ago up your dia before attempting come update ns BIOS as an error can an outcome in a potential ns of data.

Check Your sistema BIOS Version

There ~ ~ several methods to inspect your BIOS variation but the easiest is come use sistema Information.

On ns Windows 8 and 8.1 "Metro" screen, type run then push Return, in the Run box type msinfo32 e click OK.

On home windows 10 kind msinfo32 right into Search and press Return

On previously Windows versions, to opinião the sistema Information screen, click Start, climate click Run, e in ns Run box type msinfo32 and press OK.

Once the sistema Information window opens, make sure system Summary is emphasize in ns left navigation window, and look porque o BIOS Version/Date in a right summary home window (Figure 4).

Figure 4: sistema Information


You can also check ns BIOS version em ~ the command prompt.

Click Start. In the Run or search box, form cmd, climate Click top top "cmd.exe" in search results.

If a User Access ao controle window appears, select Yes

In ns Command notice window, at a C: prompt, type systeminfo e press Enter, locate ns BIOS variation in ns results (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Command-line systeminfo


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How to upgrade Your sistema BIOS within Windows

It is necessary to keep your system BIOS as much as date. Newer releases that BIOS can administer improvements to Hardware compatibility, improved Diagnostics, e Security updates e Increased stability.

Once friend have developed that you require naquela BIOS update, girlfriend can download the newer version são de the support web page

Note: once updating ns BIOS on der Laptop or Portable, a battery should be present e the AC adapter plugged in.

If you are asked come "Identify her product," then either enter your organization tag, or choose "Browse for naquela product" to pick manually.

If the sistema shown is incorrect, click "View naquela different product" and novamente either enter your service tag or browser manually

After a correct system is selected, click the tab that claims "Find the Myself" then look additional down ns page, whereby it states "Refine her results:." In the pull-down classification menu, select BIOS. This refines the results to show only a BIOS category.

If over there is much more than one file listed, click "View details" on the most recent version of a BIOS. Then click "Important Information."

Note: On part occasions, you might need to install an intermediary BIOS version before updating to a latest version. This is dubbed BIOS dependency; once an intermediate update is required prior to installing ns latest version. This information is found in the "Important Information" section. To find other BIOS versions, you can try and find ns version download by navigating with the conexão that ser estar located at

Click Download File to begin a download

Save ns file to your Desktop

Double click a icon on your desktop.

Follow ns on-screen instructions come complete the installation (Figure 6). This reboots her system and perform der BIOS update

Figure 6: BIOS flash Update continue Prompt


The over screen may vary depending upon version e system type.

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Flashing the BIOS são de the F12 One-Time boots menu

Most systems built after 2012 can be updated from the F12 One-Time boots Menu. This process can be executed if girlfriend have der USB memory stick formatted to the FAT32 document system and the BIOS executable paper that girlfriend downloaded são de the support Website and copied to ns root of a USB key.

For an ext information about this process, you re welcome see a following article:

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6. Updating BIOS top top Systems with BitLocker Enabled

Caution: If BitLocker is no suspended prior to updating ns BIOS, the next time you reboot the system it will not recognize the BitLocker key.

You ser estar prompted to enter a recovery crucial to progress e the system asks for this on every reboot.

If a recovery vital is no known, this can an outcome in data loss or one unnecessary operating sistema reinstall.

For an ext information around this subject, please see knowledge Article:

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How to upgrade your system BIOS using a USB speed Drive

If the sistema cannot load into Windows however there is still naquela need come update the BIOS, baixar the BIOS file using another system e save it to der bootable USB speed Drive.

Note: You have to use der bootable USB flash drive. To express to ns following article porque o further details:

Download a BIOS update .exe record to one more system

Copy a file e.g. O9010A12.exe onto a bootable USB speed drive.

Insert ns USB flash drive right into the sistema that requires ns BIOS update.

Restart ns system e press F12 when ns Splash em breve appears come display the One equipe Boot Menu.

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Using arrow keys, pick USB warehouse Device e press Return

The sistema boots to der Diag C:> prompt

Run ns file by typing ns full filename e.g. O9010A12.exe e hit Return

The BIOS upgrade Utility loads, follow a instructions on display (Figure 7)

Figure 7: são de BIOS upgrade Screen


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Updating ns BIOS in Linux and Ubuntu Environments

To upgrade the sistema BIOS in a Linux setting such together Ubuntu, then you can get some assist by following ns link below:

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