Facebook is supporting the global public health community’s occupational to guarda people safe e informed during the coronavirus public health crisis. We’re likewise working come address the long-term results by supporting industries in need e making that easier para people to find e offer help in their communities. 

Here’s summary of how we’re providing accessibility to exact information, supporting relief efforts e keeping world connected. We’ll continue to add to this post as us announce updates.

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1. Ensuring everyone has access to precise information e removing harmful content

2. Supporting health and economic relief efforts

3. Keeping human being connected

Latest News

Update ~ above December 18, 2020 in ~ 4:00AM PT:

Updating Our ad Policy para COVID-19 Vaccines

Given a recent approval of COVID-19 vaccines, we want human being to have the ability to safely promote information around these vaccines ~ above Facebook. We will agora allow ads that highlight a ability of naquela COVID-19 vaccine to avoid someone from contracting a virus, as well as ads cultivating ways come safely access a COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll continue to prohibit conteúdo that tries to exploit the pandemic para commercial gain. E ads or organic posts that promote the sale of der COVID-19 vaccine, such as attempts to offer COVID-19 vaccine kits or expedited accessibility to ns vaccine, will be rejected. We will additionally reject ads the claim a vaccine is a cure ao the virus.

It will remover some time to train our systems e teams on these policies, e we intend enforcement come ramp increase over a coming weeks and months. 

Update top top December 11, 2020 in ~ 10:00AM PT:

Providing aid to diverse Suppliers through Receivables Financing

In solution to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – particularly the challenges encountering minority e women-owned businesses – we recently launched the Facebook Receivables Financing routine to assistance US-based suppliers. This one-year jae won program permits minority, women, veteran, LGBTQ and disability-owned suppliers that ~ ~ headquartered in ns US and have to be paid straight by facebook in 2019 or 2020 to have actually their invoices paid agora instead the in a 60 come 120 day duration it typically takes to get paid ao work they’ve already done. Our meta with this regimen is to assist level ns playing field by offering businesses com access to an ext working capital.

We’ll dá this by providing immediate cash for work suppliers have done and pay they’re fan by other, non-Facebook, companies. Suppliers deserve to upload standard invoices to the Receivables jae won platform and get sponsor in naquela few days. We partnered com Supplier Success, naquela minority-owned business with extensive experience providing receivables financing, to provide our Receivable jae won platform e collaborated com come operate a seamless and secure communication to safe buy receivables. Together, caterer Success e will collect the suppliers’ invoices a partir de their customers, e Facebook will reinvest ns collected receivables to purchase added invoices. On facebook is no making any return on these funds. 

Update on December 3, 2020 in ~ 6:00AM PT:

Removing False Claims COVID-19 Vaccines

Given the recent notícia that COVID-19 vaccines will quickly be rolling o fim around the world, over ns coming weeks we will start removing false claims around these vaccines that have been debunked by público health experts on Facebook and Instagram. This is another way that we estão applying our policy to remove misinformation a virus that could lead to imminent physical harm. This can include false claims the safety, efficacy, ingredients or lado effects of a vaccines. Ao example, us will eliminate false insurance claims that COVID-19 vaccines save on computer microchips, or noþeles else the isn’t on ns official vaccine ingredient list. We will also remove conspiracy theories COVID-19 vaccines the we know today ser estar false: like certain populations ~ ~ being offered without their consent to test the vaccine’s safety. We will certainly not be able to começar enforcing these policies overnight. Since it’s early e facts COVID-19 vaccines will continue to evolve, we will consistently update ns claims us remove based on guidance from public wellness authorities together they discover more. 

We will also continue to help people stay informed around these vaccines by cultivating authoritative sources of information through our COVID-19 info Center.

Update ~ above November 30, 2020 in ~ 3:00PM PT:

Mark Zuckerberg is viver with Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s acima de infectious condition expert, to talk progress toward a COVID-19 vaccine e how we can slow the spread of ns virus this vacation season.

Update ~ above October 5, 2020 in ~ 8:50AM PT:

Connecting civilization to divinatório Health Resources

Experts agree the COVID-19 has actually exacerbated mental health difficulties around the world, and the effects will be felt for years come come. We’ve been working com leading authorities around ns world — choose NAMI, kids Help Phone e It’s ser to talk — come invest in ns critical locations of santidade health support, including dealing with financial stress, parenting support, coping com loss and grief, managing substance use and taking care of overall emotional health. Today we’re introducing Emotional Health, naquela centralized resource center on ns Facebook app com tips and information from leading experts. Ns resource will be easily accessible globally, com locally relevant info from mental health officials. 

Learn an ext como as we’re making the easier porque o people to get the assistance they need for themselves e others who might be struggling. 


Global Reminders come Wear enfrentar Coverings 

With a rise in COVID-19 cases in the US e in many other components of a world, we ~ ~ expanding our warns reminding world to wear enfrentar coverings internationally as recommended by health authorities. This alerts have been running at the top the Facebook e Instagram in the US due to the fact that early July. Starting this week, we will broaden them to an ext countries globally.

Update ~ above July 2, 2020 in ~ 9:00AM PT:

With the rise in COVID-19 instances in a US, we’re putting an alert at the top that Facebook e Instagram to remind anyone to wear enfrentar coverings and find much more prevention tips a partir de the CDC in our COVID-19 details Center.


Update ~ above June 10, 2020 in ~ 10:05AM PT:

Allowing a Promotion that Non-Medical Masks top top Facebook and Instagram

Since the World health Organization claimed COVID-19 naquela global pandemic, governments e authorities around the world have advanced their accuse on the need to wear masks. In March, us temporarily prohibition ads and commerce listings para masks on our apps to aid protect against scams, misleading clinical claims, medical supply shortages, inflated prices and hoarding. Because then, we’ve ongoing to faixas trends e activity approximately COVID-19 to far better understand como as people estão using our platform and advertising tools during ns pandemic.

Many health and wellness authorities agora advise put on non-medical masks – and in some areas masks ~ ~ required ao activities like taking público transportation or visiting der store – and we’ve checked out people and businesses of tudo sizes working to to fill this need. So we’re scaling back this short-term ban to enable people to promote and trade non-medical masks, consisting of those that estão homemade or handmade, in essential posts, ads e commerce listings ~ above Facebook e Instagram. We will still maintain naquela temporary ban on selling clinical masks, such as surgical or N95 masks, to protect against people são de exploiting the pandemic for financial gain. You have the right to learn an ext como as we define non-medical masks e advertiser restrictions porque o these ads here.

Update on June 3, 2020 in ~ 12:01AM PT:

Releasing New encontro for nós vamos Tools

Today we’re releasing novo visualizations e datasets publicly to assist researchers, NGOs and others combat a COVID-19 pandemic. You have the right to learn an ext these e our other dia for nós vamos tools here.

Update on may 4, 2020 in ~ 9:38AM PT:

Tomorrow top top #GivingTuesdayNow we’re expanding Community help to do it easier para people come support local businesses and nonprofits. Starting tomorrow, people will be able to find gift cards e vouchers to support local businesses, donate to local nonprofit fundraisers, authorize up to become a blood donor and find local job avenues — tudo de in ar Help.


Update on April 16, 2020 at 10:55AM PT:

Limiting the Spread of COVID-19 Misinformation

Today we mutual some additional steps we’re taking to combat COVID-19 connected misinformation and make sure civilization have the accurate information they must stay safe.

Update on April 15, 2020 at 8:08AM PT:

Making It easier to support Businesses on Instagram

We’re making it easier ao people to support the businesses lock love through gift cards, online food orders e fundraisers all on Instagram. Discover more.

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Update top top April 14, 2020 at 2:05PM PT:

Getting skilled Insights on how We have the right to Safely Re-Open Society

Mark Zuckerberg e Priscilla Chan estão live com Dr. Vértice Frieden, a former manager of the CDC and founder of resolve to conserve Lives. They’ll discuss como as we have the right to contain the spread the COVID-19 e how we should method reopening society.