How to know how many bits my pc has

In today"s post you will find lado de fora How to know how many bits my pc has, in our substantial guide.

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Finding lado de fora if you"re running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows takes just der few steps, e the tools are already developed into Windows. Here"s como as to find lado de fora what you"re running.

Whether you"re to run 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, the makes a big difference. Running der 64-bit variation of Windows method having better security and the capacity to usar more storage on her system.

And if you have der system the supports it, switching em ~ 32-bit to 64-bit home windows is cost-free – even if the takes der little work. We"ll andar you through how to find fora if you"re running a 32-bit or 64-bit variation of any version that Windows a partir de XP to 10.

How to know how many bits my pc has

The procedures to identify whether your computer system has der 32-bit or 64-bit processor (CPU) depend on the type of operating sistema you have installed.

Below are steps to determine ns processor type ao Windows; see below How to know como as many bits my computer has;

Windows 8 and 10

To determine ns type of CPU e how numerous bits ns processor has in windows 8 e Windows 10, see the steps below.

In a Windows find box, typesystem informationand choose the sistema Information icon.

Or, if friend don"t have der search crate (because you turned that off):

Open naquela File investigador window through pressing switch Windows +E.On a left, right click onThis PC.From ns context menu, selectProperties. The system Properties home window opens.

On the right ao lado of sistema Information, look ao the optionType that systemin columnItem.

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The connected value, in ns columnValue, will tell friend what type of CPU the computer has. If the value ofType that systeminclude “x86” in it, a CPU will be 32-bit. If ns value ofType that systeminclude “x64”, the CPU will be 64 bits.