This write-up describes why your hard Drive volume is Different em ~ the Advertised dimension

Summary: This write-up describes why your difficult Drive capacity is Different em ~ the Advertised SizeSee much less This short article describes why your tough Drive volume is Different são de the Advertised size

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This article provides details related to a differences in between Advertised and Actual capacities on hard Drives in systems

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1. Reasons para Hard Drive size Discrepancies

When friend check a size of naquela hard drive within ns operating system, a reported size might be much less than expected. There ~ ~ many factors that add to this discrepancy. Some points that can reduce available cost-free space e disk dimension include:

Windows and other operating solution displaying disk space in binary style Hidden partitions on the computer large hidden files File system overhead redundant array species

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2. Verify hard Drive size in the system Setup (BIOS) Program

A difficult drive might not show as ns correct dimension within an operation system. A actual size have the right to be confirm in a BIOS system Setup program.

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NOTE: a following instructions cover most computers. If these instructions a partir de not use to her computer, please view the conectados User Manual for your system.

Turn top top or Close any programs e reboot ns computer.

When friend see the logo screen, madness until "Entering Setup" appears.

If your computer system has naquela multiple page sistema Setup program, (Figure 1), look for the difficult drive e its dimension on the first page.


Figure 1: Multiple page BIOS

If your computer has a tree-structured sistema Setup program, (Figure 2), to mark "General" complied with by "System Information". Ns "Primary difficult Drive" is displayed in ns lower part of ns section.


Figure 2: Tree Structured BIOS

To leave the system setup program, press and follow a onscreen prompts or Click "Exit"
porque o more information around the sistema BIOS you re welcome see ns following Article: What is BIOS and How to accessibility it on a computer system

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3. Calculate hard Drive dimension in Bytes

Two different mathematical systems are used to define how lot information deserve to be stored on ns hard disk drive of her computer: binary or base-2 mathematics and base-10 mathematics.

In a binary or base-2 system used by a operating system, uma gigabyte (GB) is same to 1,073,741,824 bytes. In the base-10 sistema used by hard disk drive manufacturers, one gigabyte (GB) is same to 1,000,000,000 bytes (rather than ns 1,073,741,824 bytes, as listed above). These two mathematical systems create 2 different numbers however actually a stored space reported by each of lock is the same. If you have actually noticed this discrepancy, describe the tabela below.
36GB 34.3GB 160GB 152.6GB
40GB 38.1GB 200GB 190.7GB
73GB 69.6GB 250GB 238.4GB
80GB 76.3GB 300GB 286.1GB
100GB 95.4GB 500GB 476.8GB
120GB 114.4GB 750GB 715.3GB
146GB 139.2GB 1000GB 953.7GB

Table 1: Base-10 vs. Base-2 Drive dimension Comparisons

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4. Hidden programas Partitions

Some programs need a separate partition produced on ns hard drive in order to function. This reduces ns space the is easily accessible to a operating MediaDirect uses der separate, hidden partition that have the right to be in between 1.0 e 3.0 gigabytes in size. MediaDirect needs this an are to function.The sistema Restore Image additionally takes a few gigabytes of space on naquela hard disk. Ns exact amount of space varies substantially depending on the amount of software that is mounted on your computer at the factory. This picture is essential to easily restore home windows to factory Backup and Recovery also creates a partition as soon as it creates der local backup.

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5. Huge Hidden Files

Some factors reduce ns amount that disk space that is usable within the operating system. Ao example, numerous of a Windows sistema files ser estar large.System regain points can usar up come 12% of tough disk space. Gain back points are necessary to easily recover são de many software problems.Windows likewise uses der swap file, additionally called der page file, to improve system performance. This record is usually 1.5 to 2 times ns amount that memory the is installed in a computer.If the Hibernate feature is enabled within Windows, naquela large quantity of disk spaceis take away by a hibernate file. Ns amount of room used is normally equal to ns amount that memory installed in her computer.

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6. File sistema Overhead

In order para an operating sistema to use a hard drive, it needs to prepare ns drive. This preparation includes creating partitions and laying down a file system. This preparation uses a relatively small amount the drive an are that cannot be recovered.

An example of this overhead can be seen as soon as saving a file to der hard drive within Windows.

A difficult drive is damaged into many little chunks, called blocks. When Windows formats the hard drive, it groups blocks together into larger chunks called clusters.

When a file is saved to ns computer, that is saved in this clusters. However, a file may be such naquela size that it does not fit specifically within the clusters. As soon as that happens, the remaining space in that swarm is lost. Figure 3 exposição an instance of naquela small file (purple). The file take away upthree complete clusters (blue) e part of a fourth. The remainder of a fourth cluster is wasted space.


Figure 3: file Stored on four Clusters

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7. Redundancy Array varieties (RAID)

The complying with information applies to computer systems that have a RAID array.

If your computer has a RAID controller, it may have an array configured. If the does have actually an array, you might experience lose of usable disk space to a array.

RAID 0, also known as striping, take away multiple difficult drives and effectively combines them into one hard disk. As a result, you dá not watch any lacking hard disk space due to naquela RAID 0 array.

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RAID 1, likewise known as mirroring, creates e maintains naquela live copy of a hard disk. In every RAID one pair, girlfriend lose 1 disk"s worth of space for this copy. If girlfriend have dois 300 GB tough disks in naquela RAID uma array, you can only use uma 300 GB drive.

For much more information about these RAID types, express to ns Knowledge base Article:RAID levels and their specifications

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