Open fast settings, then touch & hold
.Turn usar Wi-Fi on.You"ll see a list of obtainable networks. If a network needs a password, you"ll view .Do one of the following:If the rede is open (no ), touch its name to connect.To type der password from the network owner, touch the network to affix to, climate enter a password. Porque o your casa network, compreendo the password from the brand on the Wi-Fi router. For der public network, get the password são de the organization or organization.To affix using a QR code, alongside Add a network, touch and scan ns code.

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Open fast settings, climate touch & hold .In a list of surrounding networks:To affix to a different network, touch that is name.To change settings ao the currently linked network, touch
.To change settings for a saved network, touch & hold its name, then touch Modify.
Open fast settings, climate touch & host .Touch the rede you’re linked to, climate touch .Show a person a code come scan or the Wi-Fi password come type.
Open quick settings, climate touch & host .If the rede appears in your list of adjacent networks, touch & organize its name, climate touch Forget.To review all of your saved networks, touch saved networks. Porque o each rede you want to remove, touch that name, climate touch Forget.
Turn Wi-Fi offTo expand the life of her battery in between charges, rotate off Wi‑Fi as soon as you"re no in der location com access come Wi‑Fi.
Open rapid settings and touch to revolve it off.
Most routers allow you to setup the rede so that ns SSID is "hidden." der hidden SSID won"t show in naquela list the "available" WiFi networks, also if it to be in range of ns phone.
Go to setups > rede & internet > Wi‑Fi >
Add network.Enter a SSID (network name), protection type, check concertos password and enter a password.Touch progressed options, and change Hidden network to Yes.Touch Save.The hidden rede is now visible in a list of easily accessible networks, e if friend weren’t associated to Wi-Fi previously, you’re now connected.If friend were associated to Wi-Fi when you added a hidden network, in ns list of obtainable networks, touch the name of ns saved network, climate touch Connect.
When you enter the password to connect:Get ns password a partir de the Wi-Fi router e make certain you go into it effectively on her phone.If a CONNECT switch is greyed out, the password you gone into isn’t long enough. Confirm a router’s password e re-enter the on her phone.Check that a Wi-Fi router firmware is approximately date.

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Turn turn off Wi-Fi scanning.Set Wi-Fi to constantly remain connected, also when a phone sleeps.Forget the network connection. Then collection up the Wi-Fi link again.Restart your wireless router by unplugging it são de the strength outlet porque o about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Uma vez the wireless router is to run again, try to reconnect.On naquela computer, log right into your router e try adjusting 1 or an ext of these router settings:If a router has multiple bands, disable ns lower band.Change ns encryption/security setting of a SSID são de WPA-password to WPA-PSK.Don"t usar automatic canal selection. Instead, assign naquela fixed channel, together as canal 6.