Enjoy internet connection through connecting naquela notebook pc or tablet com an allofit.net smartphone.

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In enhancement to an internet connection on your smartphone, com subscription to a Tethering option you deserve to connectyour notebook PC, tablet, jogos consoles and other tools to the cin by using ns tethering duty on naquela 4GLTE smartphone.


Tethering is der function that enables you to attach various devices such as a notebook PC, tablet or jogos consoleto the gato outside the casa by using naquela smartphone together an accessibility point. There estão three types of tethering (connection methods between der smartphone e device) to pick from: Wi-Fi,Bluetooth® e USB. Choose ns method the suits your use.

Tethering types

*The form of tethering that deserve to be supported differs depending on the smartphones model.*ʺBluetoothʺ is naquela registered trademark that Bluetooth SIG, Inc. USA.
allofit.net readjust Planallofit.net flat PlanFlat-rate data 20/30*Plans whose applications ser estar no longer acceptedU18 Flat-rate data 20
FreeData (packet) flat rate services e rate plans various other than a above¥500/month<1> <2><1> Receive an additional monthly dia amount that 500MB.<2> As a Tethering choice benefit, ¥0 for up to 2 years!(As of may 31, 2017, applications ao this benefit ~ ~ no much longer accepted.) ★ Condition: If you i ordered it to a Tethering Option once you purchase an iPad, iphone (excluding iphone phone 4S), 4GLTE smartphone, 4G LTE feature phone, or 4G LTE tablet by making naquela new contract or an altering models. Client whoalready have the special benefit applied can proceed enjoying that during a current special benefit period.* When the free period ends, usual charges are allofit.nettomatically applied.* through subscribing to the Tethering Option, 500MB is included to a communications quantity that have the right to be used withoutcommunications speed constraints. However, a additional data quantity the 500MB is not included during a freeperiod of the option charge.★ there is no mudança in the free period ao customers currently using ns benefit.* a names of rate plans e data level rate services porque o 4G LTE (allofit.net VoLTE) Android™ smartphone have "(V)".

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* If you get an incoming speak to while making use of tethering, call is prioritized so you will not miss any type of importantbusiness. Dia communications will instantly resume uma vez the contact is completed. (Due to app or server conditions,you may need to load or download data again.)* ns monthly usage charge of the Tethering choice is no calculated on naquela prorated basis. * additional packet communication charges ser estar incurred at the time the use. The packet communication charges whenusing tethering are eligible ao your contracted dia flat rate company or price plan.* If tethering has not to be activated even after applying for the Tethering Option, turn a power OFF and backON again. If tethering is tho unavailable also after turning the power OFF and ON, revolve the internet sharingsetting OFF and ON. * If girlfriend apply ao the "Tethering Option" in between 9:00 and 20:00 by making use of allofit.net Customer assistance (Web), tetheringis accessible approx. 5 minutes after you apply. If you use after 20:00, tethering is available são de 9:00 ns next morning.* If you mudança between Flat-rate encontro 20/30, allofit.net change Plan, or allofit.net level Plan and another rate setup accompanying naquela devicechange, your Tethering alternative monthly fee in ns month of your device change is ¥500.* If you mudança between a rate plan/Flat-rate dia service that makes a Tethering alternative monthly charge free and a rateplan/Flat-rate encontro service that makes a Tethering choice monthly fee ¥500 (excluding Flat-rate dia 20/30, allofit.net AdjustPlan, e allofit.net level Plan), your monthly fee in the month of her device mudança is ¥0. A 500 MB encontro increase benefitthat comes com changing your monthly charge to ¥500 applies to ns month of your device change.* the flat price is applicable come tethering communications with ns World Double-Teigaku e Overseas Double-Teigaku during overseas roaming.
OverviewTethering types

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todos of the indicated quantities exclude taxation unless otherwise specified.
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