Your WhatsApp chats can contain some essential information e have sentimental values. Through taking naquela backup of her WhatsApp chats, you have the right to later restore them on her iPhone/Android. It will certainly also assist you move são de one phone call to one more without losing a WhatsApp chats.

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back-up WhatsApp photo/videos
Besides WhatsApp chats, you should be offered to trading photos and videos with your WhatsApp contacts too. If friend don’t desire to lose these priceless WhatsApp memories, then take a backup of tudo the WhatsApp videos/photos together well. Retrieve a photos e videos whenever after taking their backup são de WhatsApp.
backup WhatsApp contacts
Your WhatsApp i will not ~ be that any use without your WhatsApp contacts. If WhatsApp doesn’t provide a direct alternative to save our contacts, friend can use other ways to keep them safe. This will help you stay in touch com your WhatsApp friends also after getting a new iPhone/Android.
You can lose her WhatsApp chats early out to countless reasons choose iOS sistema issues, physics damage, faulty apps, etc. To stop such an undesirable scenario, maintain naquela backup of your WhatsApp chats e attachments em ~ your iPhone. You have the right to turn on a automatic WhatsApp back-up in iCloud settings, take naquela WhatsApp backup pela iTunes, or even use a much smarter solution.



Dr.Fone - WhatsApp deliver uma click to back-up WhatsApp chats em ~ iOS/Android to PC. Conveniently prevews WhatsApp backup details em ~ the backup files. Selectively restores só wanted WhatsApp chats come iPhone/Android also supports ns backup of Viber, LINE, Kik, Wechat chats come PC.
If you have actually an Android device, then you can quickly take naquela backup of WhatsApp chats and even manter the exchanged WhatsApp médio files safe. Friend can remover WhatsApp backups on your local device storage as well as backup conectados (on ns linked google account via google Drive). Here’s how you can dá it.
how to backup WhatsApp chats em ~ Android come PC?

The Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer enables you to back-up WhatsApp chats em ~ Android to computer to conserve storage in your Android phone and Google Drive. Here estão the easy actions to follow:

Install and open Dr.Fone on your PC. Click on "WhatsApp Transfer".Connect your Android to ns PC, and choose "WhatsApp" > "Backup WhatsApp messages".Wait till WhatsApp backup completes.
Taking naquela WhatsApp back-up is no enough. Girlfriend can likewise restore a WhatsApp chat backup to der new or a same iOS/Android. Ns process can vary, depending upon your an equipment types e where ns WhatsApp back-up has been stored. Here ser estar some foolproof ways to restore your WhatsApp chat backup.
If you have taken a backup the WhatsApp chats on one iPhone, climate you can quickly restore a WhatsApp message to a same or one more iOS device easily. To reclaim WhatsApp chats, photos, or videos, you deserve to follow this 3 popular approaches.
1.Launch ns Dr.Fone – WhatsApp deliver tool e connect your phone to ns system. 2.Choose to restore messages come an iOS device e select a respective backup file. 3.Preview the WhatsApp messages and restore lock selectively to her iPhone.
1.Reset your maker if you ~ ~ already utilizing it. 2.While setup up der new phone, pick to gain back it a partir de an iCloud backup. 3.Log-in to a same iCloud account where ns WhatsApp back-up is stored. 4.Select a respective backup file and restore a entire backup.
1.Update iTunes, e launch iTunes on your computer and connect the iOS an equipment to it. 2.Select the connected device e go to its an introduction tab. 3.Under ns Backups section, click on a “Restore Backup” button. 4.Select ns backup you great to restore e confirm her choice.
If you estão switching são de an iOS come Android, climate it have the right to be hard to retain her WhatsApp chat data. Since the native WhatsApp solutions like google Drive or iCloud won’t be of any kind of support, girlfriend can pegar the ajuda of naquela dedicated WhatsApp tool like Dr.Fone - Trasferimento WhatsApp. That provides a one-click equipment to backup, e restore WhatsApp encontro across any dois devices.
Connect your Android to the system and open Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer. Select to restore WhatsApp chats to an Android device.
As der list of the available WhatsApp backup files would certainly be displayed, select a backup of her choice and click ~ above "Next".
Preview ns exchanged WhatsApp chats e attachments. Select and then restore WhatsApp chats of your iPhone to the Android.
3.3 regain WhatsApp back-up of Android to Android

Restoring WhatsApp chats a partir de Android come Android is reasonably easier than performing der cross-platform restoring. Uma vez you have actually taken der backup of your WhatsApp chats to google Drive or the local Android storage, girlfriend can easily restore ns WhatsApp backup files to any Android easily.

Copy a WhatsApp backup record of resource Android device and paste the in a WhatsApp database folder of the target device.
Google Drive would certainly replace the existing WhatsApp backup with a new uma that may not contain a latest WhatsApp chats.
Bonus Tip: gain back WhatsApp chats to Android with der PC

Restoring WhatsApp a partir de local warehouse is complex, and restoring from Google journey may bring you protection risks. Is there a more dependable solution?

Yes, if you have backed up your WhatsApp chats a partir de Android come PC, climate you have the right to avoid todos the inconvenience and restore WhatsApp chats to novo Android in just 1 click. Here is how:

launch Dr.Fone and choose "Restore social App" from the key menu. Choose "WhatsApp" e then "Restore WhatsApp message to Android device". Choose an WhatsApp backup file and click "Restore".

Restoring WhatsApp backup of Android to iphone is always a tedious job. In most cases, the following solution widespread on the cíniras just fail to work:

Take der backup of WhatsApp chats on google Drive and later connect a same google account on ns target iPhone. By connecting the same google account on both the devices, then reclaim WhatsApp backup são de Android come iPhone.

Time come get a more trustworthy solution to reclaim WhatsApp back-up of Android to her iPhone.

Apart em ~ taking der backup of WhatsApp chats and restoring a chats, users regularly want to read a chats e even excluir a WhatsApp backup. If you ser estar concerned around your WhatsApp privacy and would favor to preview your WhatsApp chats, then consider exploring ns following alternatives in detail.

If you simply want to preview her WhatsApp chats then you have to access ns WhatsApp backup document first.Android users deserve to find a encrypted WhatsApp backup paper in ns WhatsApp database folder. It would be stored as a .db.crypt file.

The iOS users have the right to extract a WhatsApp chats with an iCloud or iTunes backup file. Generally, you have the right to use der dedicated extractor tool to preview ns WhatsApp data.

This would greatly depend on how you have actually maintained naquela WhatsApp bate-papo backup.

For Android devices, WhatsApp conversando backup can be saved on the local storage of a device or google Drive. You can simply copy a WhatsApp backup file são de the local drive. Similarly, friend can download the WhatsApp backup são de Google Drive together well.

If you have taken der WhatsApp back-up on iCloud, then you deserve to save WhatsApp messages by visiting your iCloud account. If you have actually maintained naquela WhatsApp backup on iTunes, climate retrieve your WhatsApp chats a partir de an substantial iTunes backup.

If you ~ ~ reselling or donating her old iphone phone or Android, climate it is necessary to permanently claro your WhatsApp backup file. This will certainly make certain that her WhatsApp privacy won’t be invaded.

Android users deserve to go to the WhatsApp folder ~ above their an equipment storage and manually delete the WhatsApp backup file. In ns same way, you have the right to go come your google Drive and get rid of a existing WhatsApp backup.

If you have maintained the WhatsApp back-up on her iCloud account, climate visit its official website and delete ns existing WhatsApp backup file são de your account. Additionally, un-link her iCloud account from the iphone to make sure enquanto one else can accessibility your WhatsApp backup.

Not anyone takes naquela prior back-up of their WhatsApp chats. If ns automatic WhatsApp back-up on her Android or iOS device is turned off, climate you might lose your WhatsApp chats unexpectedly. Don’t problem – you can still recover deleted WhatsApp chats without back-up by using naquela smart tool.
To recoup the falecer WhatsApp chats on Android, friend can try Dr.Fone - encontro Recovery (Android), which deserve to restore todos kinds of lost e deleted contente (like deleted photos) under different scenarios. Friend can additionally preview ns recovered data and restore your WhatsApp chats/attachments selectively.
Dr.Fone - data Recovery (iOS) is uma of ns first encontro recovery tools para iPhone e is known for its high success rate in ns industry. It can retrieve tudo kinds the lost conteúdo on one iOS device, including WhatsApp chats e attachments. This tool is totally compatible with leading iOS devices and latest iOS versions.
While WhatsApp is a widely known and advanced application, users still face some undesirable issues. For instance, you might find it difficult to take der backup of her WhatsApp chats or recoup an existing WhatsApp conversação backup. Here ~ ~ some frequently faced issues related to WhatsApp backup com their easy solutions.
Too often, while taking naquela backup of their WhatsApp chats, users cara a cara this problem. Chances estão that there could be der conflict with a existing back-up or a linked Google/iCloud account. Her Android/iPhone can also halt a WhatsApp backup procedure due come some defense constraints as well.
rapid Fixes: 1.Go to toque Store or app Store and update the version that WhatsApp the you estão using. 2.Make sure that WhatsApp supports a Android/iOS variation of your device. 3.Confirm an energetic phone number ao your WhatsApp account with enquanto due charges. 4.Close WhatsApp, restart her device, e try taking naquela WhatsApp conversando backup again. 5. Shot an effective different to backup WhatsApp chats to PC.
While taking naquela backup of your WhatsApp chats on one iPhone, the backup process can be halted in between. From naquela poor network connection to the lack of room on her iCloud account, there might be different reasons behind it.
rapid Fixes: 1.Check the network connection on her iPhone. Toggle the off e enable the again. 2.Make sure that a linked iCloud account has actually enough free space to save WhatsApp backup. 3.Go to your device"s iCloud settings, log-out of her account, and sign back in. 4.Close WhatsApp e restart your iPhone. 5. Use der PC backup tool to backup WhatsApp chats much more reliably.
Just prefer iPhone, a WhatsApp conversando backup process can additionally be grounding on an Android device as well. Mostly, the problem wake up due to naquela non-verified google account or naquela bad cíniras connection. Ns following suggestions can conveniently fix ns issue.
quick Fixes: 1.Turn ~ above the network connection e enable the again. Just be sure that your Android is associated to der stable internet connection. 2.Go to your device’s storage > WhatsApp > Database and delete any type of existing WhatsApp chat backup that might be causing der conflict. 3.Make certain that the google Play services are not halting the WhatsApp backup process. 4.Turn off her Android, wait for a while, e restart it. Try taking WhatsApp back-up again. 5. Use der workaround way to backup Android WhatsApp chats come PC.
Even ~ taking naquela WhatsApp conversação backup, chances ser estar that you could not be able to restore it to your Android or iOS device. Mostly, users enfrentar this trouble while doing naquela cross-platform restoring of WhatsApp backup, or as result of WhatsApp back-up conflicts com devices. Adhering to suggestions might aid you conquer this issue.

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quick Fixes: 1.Ensure that ns phone number gone into on your new WhatsApp account is a same. 2.Ensure that ns operating sistema of both ns devices have to be identical. 3.Make certain that your machine has enough cost-free storage come restore ns WhatsApp backup. 4.Android users should further examine that google Play Services are installed on a device. 5.The iOS/Android maker should be linked to a working and stable internet connection. 6.Try Dr.Fone - WhatsApp deliver to reclaim WhatsApp chats from Android come Android, Android come iOS, iOS come iOS, e iOS to Android.

Dr.Fone - complete Toolkit

Recover encontro from Android/iOS local storages, iCloud and iTunes backups.Manage and transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, etc. In between device and PC/Mac.Backup iOS/Android device e social app dia to Mac/PC selectively.Fix assorted iOS/Android sistema issues without any type of technical skills.