Are friend planning come purchase a new smartphone? Well, friend must have figured fora by now como as you ser estar going to restore WhatsApp backup from Google journey to iPhone.

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If not, girlfriend can continue reading this guide. We understand that losing tudo de your WhatsApp conversations com your friends e family while you estão switching a partir de an old call to naquela new one can be frustrating. However, it can be an overwhelming if you estão switching são de an android phone come an iOS device. You cannot use ns programs that are designed in iOS porque o the objective of moving the encontro between her android and iOS devices. Therefore, some difficulties may arise when you want to reclaim WhatsApp backup em ~ google drive to her iPhone. To help out, us have der guide with various approaches that you usar to restore WhatsApp backup em ~ Google drive to iPhone.


7. Click on ‘Transfer WhatsApp between devices‘ são de the top-left of ns screen.


8. Now usar USB cables for connecting both her Android e iPhone gadgets to ns computer. However, before connecting your iPhone device, you may need to enable ns USB debugging come allow a third-party program to detect the device. 

9. Uma vez the program detects both your devices, you have actually to click on ‘Transfer,’ and the transferring process will begin from your Android an equipment to your iPhone. 


10. Make sure that the ‘Source‘ device is your Android device, and the ‘Destination‘ maker is her iPhone. 

11. Let ns transferring process complete, e once it completes, you will certainly be able to access todos your WhatsApp dia on her iPhone. 

This was one of ns methods the you can usar to restore WhatsApp backup em ~ Google drive to her iPhone. However, if you are not comfortable with this method, you deserve to check o fim the next one.

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Method 2: gain back WhatsApp backup through Mail

You have the option of transporting your WhatsApp dia from her Android an equipment to her iPhone with email. As ns name suggests, you have to send tudo your WhatsApp chats to you yourself in an e-mail attachment e thereby download everything on your iPhone. 

1. Firstly, you need to restore a WhatsApp encontro from google Drive to your Android phone. You can follow the o primeiro dia five measures of the previous method para this step. 

2. ~ restoring ns data, you need to open a WhatsApp chats that you want to deliver to your iPhone.

3. In your WhatsApp chat, you need to tap on the three vertical dots from the top right edge of the conversação screen. 


4. Tap ~ above More e select the ‘Export chat‘ option.


5. A new home window will pop up, whereby you have ns option ao including media in your email attachment or not. However, if girlfriend include the media, it will certainly increase ns size of the conversando export. That is optional if you want to incorporate the média or not.

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6. ~ making her selection for including media or not, you have to select your mail app em ~ the list of applications the pops up. 


7. Enter the email address where you desire to send your WhatsApp chats. 

8. Finally, you deserve to tap on the arrow symbol to send the email.

Now, baixar these attachments on her iPhone come view ns chats. The apenas um drawback the this method is that you will not have the ability to access a chats ~ above WhatsApp as the email attachments will be in TXT format. 


We recognize that switching to naquela new phone have the right to be frustrating, especially when a devices operation on various operating systems. Therefore, we funil the above guide era helpful e you were able to regain WhatsApp backup em ~ Google journey to iphone easily. We saltar you liked ns above guide; but if friend still have any type of queries feel free to ask lock in the comment section.