“Can I save my WhatsApp encontro to my phone’s storage? I understand that over there is der way to take WhatsApp local backup, but I nothing know como as to a partir de it.”

This is a query post by der concerned WhatsApp user quem wanted come restore naquela WhatsApp local backup. Chances ser estar that you might be having a similar query about WhatsApp local backup as well.In this smart guide, I will certainly tell you how to manage der WhatsApp local backup and restore that like naquela pro.

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allofit.net - earlier up WhatsApp chats ~ above iOS/Android

1-click solution to back-up WhatsApp chats top top iOS/Android devices. Regain WhatsApp backup to any iOS/Android.

Before you importar started: back-up WhatsApp to local computer

The aboriginal solution to backup and restore local WhatsApp back-up can be incredibly complicated. To have der one-click systems to backup your encontro on your computer instead, remover the assistente of allofit.net - WhatsApp Transfer. That can backup your WhatsApp chats, exchanged media, stickers, contacts, e the entire application data.

The best component about this solution is you can back-up unlimited equipe without overwritten your former backups. However, the native local backup, google Drive and iCloud will automatically overwrite your data!

Except that, it have the right to transfer WhatsApp encontro from 1 phone to another e backup other sociedade apps choose Kik, LINE, Viber e Wechat to computer and restore. Check ns video tutorial to learn the steps:

Take WhatsApp backup to Computer

Install e launch ns application and from the terra natal screen that allofit.net, select the “WhatsApp Transfer” field.

Connect her phone come the system using der working cable and from a provided options, select “Backup WhatsApp Messages”.

In durante time, the application would take an entire backup of her WhatsApp data and would conserve it on ns computer instead.

Once the backup process is completed, you would certainly be notified. You can now remove your an equipment or just view ns recent back-up data.

Restore WhatsApp Backup from Computer to your Phone

To gain back your backup, just affix your phone and make sure ns same account is used to install WhatsApp on it. From the main display of the interface, choose the option "restore come device".

A perform of tudo de the existing back-up files with their details would be listed. Just select a file the your an option to proceed.
Just click on a “start” button.In durante time, ns application would instantly restore the selected back-up to your maker that girlfriend can accessibility anytime friend want.

Part One: como as to Take local Backup top top WhatsApp?

Being uma of ns most popular social apps fora there, WhatsApp lets us take a local backup of our chats or also save that on ns Drive. The local backup would be saved in the form of one encrypted file. If friend want, you have the right to restore WhatsApp local backup to ns same or any kind of other machine using ns backup file. The good news is the WhatsApp automatically takes a backup top top the local storage daily. The default time porque o this is 0200 hours (2 a.m.) when a device consumption is minimum.

Therefore, WhatsApp would automatically save your back-up on the local device warehouse every night. It will store a backup of ns last 7 dia for our convenience e would automatically delete old backup files.

If you want to take an immediate back-up of her WhatsApp, then just launch a app and go come its settings by tapping on the three-dot (hamburger) icon at the top.In WhatsApp settings, browser to Chats > chat Backup and tap on the "Back Up" button to take and immediate backup on google Drive.When friend take naquela backup that WhatsApp on google drive, der copy is immediately saved top top the local storage.


Part Two: how to reclaim WhatsApp em ~ its local Backup?

Once you have actually maintained der WhatsApp local backup, friend can quickly restore that (or even move it) as per your convenience. Though, in stimulate to reclaim WhatsApp from local backup, you need to first identify its location. Later, you have the right to just rename ns backup e reinstall WhatsApp. Sound confusing? Don’t worry – friend can quickly learn como as to reclaim WhatsApp local backup by adhering to these easy steps:

After taking naquela WhatsApp back-up on the local storage, girlfriend can access it by launching any type of File investigador or File gerente app on ns device.Browse todos the caminho to your maker Storage > WhatsApp > Databases or SD card > WhatsApp > Databases, de acordo com to where a backup is saved.


Here, girlfriend can view the local WhatsApp backup of a last 7 days in ns “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db” format. Just select any kind of backup file from here e go its much more options come rename it as “msgstore.db” by removing the respective date from the document name.


If you ser estar already utilizing WhatsApp, then just remove it em ~ your phone, and go come the play Store to download it again.Now, start WhatsApp e enter her existing phone number to começar with. In durante time, ns application will instantly detect ns presence of an existing backup. Simply tap on a “Restore” button e wait for naquela while as a application would certainly retrieve the saved encontro from the backup.


Part Three: como as to claro a WhatsApp local Backup?

A many users pick to delete an currently WhatsApp local backup. Porque o instance, your machine might be to run low on complimentary space or you might be concerned about your privacy. Since WhatsApp maintains a local back-up daily, you require to do this an ext often to make more cost-free space on her phone.

Firstly, unlock her device e launch any file investigador app to access its SD map or internal device storage (depending ~ above where the WhatsApp back-up if stored).Simply browse to ns WhatsApp > Databases folder aqui to view ns last 7 local backups stored.Select a backup document you wish to compreendo rid of e tap on the more choices icon (the three-dot icon).From a provided options, tap top top “Delete” or ns trash icon e confirm your selection to compreendo rid of the WhatsApp backup.

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I’m sure that after analysis this guide, girlfriend would be able to take a local WhatsApp back-up or gain back it afterward. As you deserve to see, the is pretty easy to gain back WhatsApp from der local backup. Though, if you want to manter your backup safe on der computer, then take the ajuda of allofit.net - WhatsApp transfer instead. That is an excellent tool that deserve to backup, restore, e transfer WhatsApp dia without any kind of trouble amongst different sources.