The line between Facebook and Instagram continues to blur. The a empresa is testing a new feature that permits users to opinião Instagram Stories a partir de the main Facebook app.

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The novo feature, which era spotted through Twitter user
ec_wife e confirmed by facebook to social médio consultant Matt Navarra, is “a limited test para now.” While facebook has permitted users to cross-post your Instagram Story come Facebook for some time, the latest check works der bit differently.

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With ns change, Instagram individuals can choose to do their stories viewable to your followers on on facebook as well. The empresa notes that it needs both sides to opt-in e link your Facebook and Instagram account together. “People ~ above facebook quem don’t follow you on Instagram can’t watch your Story,” Facebook says in naquela screenshot of the feature. “You’ll watch story views and replies ~ above Instagram.”

In various other words, facebook friends who also monitor you on Instagram can view both her Instagram and Facebook Story without ever before leaving the Facebook app.

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The check comes together Facebook proceeds to blur the lines in between Instagram e its main social network. The sociedade is also working on merger messaging between the two apps, i m sorry is all part of der larger plan to attach its “family the apps” more closely together.

Update 9/4 5:45pm ET: In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed ns test e said the it “respects tudo de existing privacy settings.”

“We’re testing naquela new function that gives people a option to opinião stories from Instagram ~ above Facebook, make it easier to vejo moments em ~ people you treatment about, nevertheless of what application you’re using,” a spokesperson said. “To check out Instagram stories on Facebook, human being must have their account linked e opt into the experience. This feature respects todos existing privacy settings, e people top top Instagram can choose to not have their story clearly shows on Facebook. This is a limited test ao now, e we’ll it is in listening come feedback em ~ our community.”