Instagram has actually its limits, e video upload equipe is one of them. Here’s whatever you need to know around Instagram video length and how to short article longer videos.

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Instagram video length

Normally, Instagram somente lets you document or upload videos 3 to 60 secs in lengthif you desire to share castle as der post. Top top Instagram Stories, you’re even an ext limited: girlfriend only compreendo 15 seconds of video equipe per clip. And what if you currently have a longer video clip you want to share?

You can compreendo around this issues e post longer videos on Instagram with a few an innovative tweaks. Here’s how.

How to short article longer videos ~ above Instagram

1) Use naquela third-party app

On Instagram Stories, girlfriend can write-up longer videos on Instagram—as long as you rest it up right into 15-second clips. Apps such as Continual ao Instagram ($7.99 on iOS) a partir de that para you.The application lets friend upload der video em ~ camera roll, divides it right into 15-second long clips, and saves those shorter clips to her camera roll. Then, you have the right to upload those videos come Instagram stories individually 1 after one more to share your complete experience as if you’d uploaded der longer video. Continual also permits you come share landscape-shot videos without cropping them. (Normally ns platform nível your stories videos to portrait-only.)While ns app isn’t cheap, if you or her business are constantly share on Instagram Stories, it could be der worthwhile investment.


Story Splitter (free top top iOS) is an additional alternative, e for a $0.99 in-app upgrade to Story Splitter Pro, you importar additional attributes such together support ao custom element ratios, e no watermark on your images.


Apps together asStory Cutter (free ~ above Android) ~ ~ an option para non-iPhone users. This app offers greater customization—you can reduced clips to any kind of length girlfriend choose—but if you’re especially going para 15-second stories uploads, it’s more equipe consuming than options like the iOS-only Continual.



2) Share a Live Video

Is what you desire to record and share happening appropriate now? instead of recording a video and sharing it as an Instagram post, record der Live video clip instead. With this option, you deserve to share video up to 1 hour long. When these live video uploads supplied to it is in ephemeral, agora Instagram offers replays for your followers ao 24 hours after you’ve finished recording. Com that in mind, your viver Video end up playing much like an Instagram Story (in fact, it shows up right alongside it in followers’ Instagram feeds).


3) Upload multiple clips

While you’re restricted to 60-seconds in video posts, the doesn’t necessarily have to be composed of uma single video. Top top iOS, you deserve to actually produce longer videos top top Instagram by uploading and stringingmultiple video clip clipstogether. To dá this, tap Library, choose the o primeiro dia video you desire to include, and then hit Next. You deserve to then Trim a clip, and tap a plus sign symbol to add another video clip. If you want to create naquela true 60-second cinematic masterpiece, you’re probably far better off using an additional app porque o your video-editing needs, yet if you just want to string der couple safety videos together, this additionally works.

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