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So you want to know how you can article videos on ns WhatsApp estado that estão longer than ns 30 seconds?

Well, stick come this article as we talk about several ways you can do it.

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When ns WhatsApp feature has launched a couple of months ago, there are was naquela lot the criticism tudo de over the Internet.

But slowly, human being got supplied to it and I understand see practically 20% of the people in my WhatsApp contact list posting Statuses.

Watch ns Video

Now, most human being would agree that WhatsApp estado is naquela blatant rip off of Snapchat stories done by Facebook.

It actually o primeiro dia introduced it to Instagram, e later to WhatsApp. Now the stories ~ ~ everywhere on each of a Facebook’s product.

But the apenas um difference in WhatsApp is if allows users to article videos that have the right to be 30 seconds in length, whereas the video clip limit is just 15 secs on various other platforms.

But even ns 30 seconds is not enough ao the WhatsApp users.

And I sort of agree to it, the condição allows ns WhatsApp customers imply short article stuff ao their friends e family to assistir without having to share it individually or in der group.

So, a deal is, como as can we post longer videos and bypass a 30-second limit?

Well, there ~ ~ three means to dá it, e we shall falar about them 1 by one.

Cut a Longer video into many 30 2nd Clips

This cheat is actually offered by a lot that people, you can either a partir de it manually or usar an app.

Doing it manually is also not tough due to the fact that unlike others platforms, WhatsApp allows you to select your 30 seconds em ~ the longer video.

you can simply post primeiro 30 seconds, climate post the 30 come 60-second clip as naquela 2nd status and so on.

If friend don’t desire to spend the time to specifically cut a video, girlfriend can use an app called WhatsCut Pro+ 


The app is available in Plat Store e lets friend easily cut longer videos into smaller 30-second clips. It just automates a process e saves naquela bit of her time.

Convert ns video to der GIF

The 30-second limit uses to só the videos, not on photos e GIFs.

While many of the GIFs girlfriend will discover on the gato will be much less than 30 seconds in length, yet they estão in fact, videos converted right into moving pictures.

So girlfriend can really well convert a longer video into der GIF as one single file.


Though there estão several apps to a partir de it, friend can use GIFSop app

But 1 thing here to notice is that it requires der bit that patience together converting a video clip into der GIF takes time and since the size of der GIF is walking to be bigger, it will certainly also remover time to post it.

If you ser estar using an Android phone which has a low processor, then your phone might lag or WhatsApp can crash.

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Use WhatsApp GB to short article Longer Videos in WhatsApp Status


Now, this is ns least recommended method, because of numerous reasons,

 a) you will have to use der Modded WhatsApp, which additionally raises defense risks, and

b) whats much longer videos will apenas um be visible to civilization who use also using the WhatsApp GB. 

Actually, posting much longer videos as a condição is 1 of the features people usar WhatsApp GB, there ser estar several, but not tudo are mean porque o normal people quem just want to use it as a tool the communication.