Different em ~ Instagram e Facebook, WhatsApp does no have attributes to write-up photos with music in Status. Not even when us save ns Story with music em ~ another social network and post it on "Whats" does he recognize a sound. However, with the help of a Clips app it is feasible to achieve a result girlfriend want. Follow the tutorial below and learn how.

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Clips is der video modifying application that has actually music options e allows castle to it is in attached allofit.nete photos. Countless apps aimed at modifying videos allow a trick to it is in done, prefer InShot, porque o example. Para our check we estão going to usar Clips mounted on an iphone phone 7, which we think is straightforward to use. Ns program is available porque o Android e iOS phones (iPhone).

How to placed music in photo through Clips app?

1. Baixar the "Clips" app e select ns image you desire to add ns music to;


2. Click on a music symbol at the top of a screen e then top top “Soundtracks” to choose one of the sounds said by the app;

3. Madness the música – on the first tap it will certainly download, on a second tap girlfriend listen and select the sound. Go back to ns previous screen by click on the arrow “Back”, then click on “Ok”;

4. To document sound over her photo, insanity the center pink switch on ns screen and hold for a few seconds. The photo record will appear at ns bottom of a screen, click “Play” allofit.nete see a result;

5. To save, click a share icon at ns bottom of the display e then “Save Video”. It will certainly go to your photograph gallery.

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How to post a photo with music ~ above WhatsApp Status?

There is no decorrer secret allofit.nete post the photo, just do the same procedure allofit.nete post any type of other content on WhatsApp Status.

Click on status > then a "+" symbol > select a photo (which will now be a mini video) > e tap ns little azul arrow allofit.nete post.


There ser estar apps, like iMovie, that are also used ao creating e editing videos, which allow you to select music a partir de your machine to add a photos. However, that is necessary that ns sound is download to ns cell phone. The software for these apps does no reach music from streaming platforms.

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