We tudo have our own an individual collection of childhood memories, some possibly kept in the form the old VCR tapes, e these dia mostly on your old iPhone.

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You know how much room videos have tendency to pegar up in your phone, an ext often than not, you may have actually transferred them longe from your iPhone to naquela PC to cost-free up warehouse on your device. But what estão you going to dá when you want to share those old videos e they are todos stuck on her computer?

While it’s straightforward to transfer videos from your phone call to naquela computer, what if you desire to reverse the action, specifically after iTunes is dead? whether it’s that expedition to Bali two years back or a cousin’s wedding, there ~ ~ some videos you’d prefer to see novamente on her iPhone but they ~ ~ stored longe on her computer.

Don’t worry, this post will show you several methods to transport videos em ~ your computer to iphone without iTunes.

1. Usar iCloud

This is perhaps the easiest an approach as most of your videos on your iPhone should have been synced come iCloud automatically. However first, you must ensure that you ser estar using a same Apple identifier on your computer e iPhone. Both the your tools must additionally be associated to a same Wi-Fi network.

Open her iPhone, walk to the Settings app. Under her name, you will certainly see the iCloud section. Walk to Photos e then turn on the My photo Stream.


If girlfriend don’t have actually iCloud on her PC, download e install iCloud ao Windows following this overview here.

Now open the iCloud routine on your PC. In ns column beside Photos, click Options e enable your iCloud photo Library. In stimulate to start transferring her videos, check the option Upload new photos e videos from my PC and make sure it’s rotate on. You have the right to then click Change, which allows you come choose the folder the has a videos you want to move to her iPhone.


2. Transfer acima de Dropbox

If iCloud doesn’t seem to be convenient for you, you can usar another cloud storage company too. One difundido option is Dropbox. You can compreendo videos from your pc to your iPhone in just naquela few minutes depending on the file dimension though.

Note: the process can be naquela little more complicated compared to iCloud. This is since you will need to download e install Dropbox top top both her PC e iPhone. Girlfriend will additionally have to save these videos come your computer first. Also, Dropbox apenas um provides 2GB of totally free storage. Otherwise, girlfriend will need to pay ao the service.

However, if you a partir de not have a USB cabo on hand, Dropbox would be the preferable an approach to carry your videos e here’s how:

Step 1: Download and install Dropbox on your PC. Authorize up for naquela Dropbox account if friend don’t have one.


Step 2: walk to a videos top top your pc you desire to import e upload them come Dropbox.


Step 3: walk to app Store, search “dropbox” e install the app to her iPhone. Sign in with your account. Choose a videos that you have just imported and have these média files saved to her iPhone. That’s it.


3. Use iPhone carry Software

If you have numerous videos to transfer e you frequently need come deal com files between your iPhone and PC, another boa option is to usar third-party dia transfer software — which helps manage your iPhone/iPad files more efficiently. You can read our in-depth roundup review on the best iPhone deliver software porque o more.

One of the best selections is dr.fone. The Transfer feature allows you to income videos e various média files easily em ~ PC come iPhone, or vice versa. Listed below is a step-by-step guide.


Step 1: Download e install dr.fone top top your home windows PC and launch it. Then, under the home screen, pick Transfer to importar started.

Step 2: connect your iphone to ns PC via a lightning cable. Again, as soon as you plug in your iPhone, you will importar the default “Trust This Computer” notification. Merely accept that by tapping on a Trust alternative on your phone.

Step 3: after ~ that, her iPhone will certainly be immediately detected by the app. In ns main screen, you will certainly see der variety that shortcuts, the one you want to navigate to is a Videos section.

Step 4: In order come transfer naquela video from PC to her iPhone, navigate to the toolbar e select ns option Import. Under this, girlfriend can choose to import either der video file or whole folder of your media files. Just click on a options Add File or Add Folder to começo an different tab, and navigate to wherein your videos estão stored to open up them.

Step 5: your selected videos will be moved over to your iPhone. That’s it.

The whole procedure is reasonably straightforward, and dr.fone is a decent alternate to a above methods ao transferring videos a partir de your computer to your iPhone.

4. Manually include Videos come iPhone acima de Windows file Explorer

This could be ns most old-school method. To use Windows File investigador to transfer video clip files from your computer to her iPhone, you do not need to baixar any third-party software. In fact, apart from having a USB lightning cable, you são de not require anything else. This is a function the has already been built into your computer system and tudo de you have to a partir de is attach your iphone phone to your PC.

After connecting her iPhone to der PC, you will certainly receive naquela prompt questioning Do you trust this computer? click Trust, and you will see that a iPhone shows up as a new device under This PC on windows File investigador 10.


Navigate to the DCIM folder, friend will see your photos and videos save in a 100APPLE folder. In situation you have naquela large variety of photos e videos, there could be various other folders named 101APPLE, and 102APPLE, etc.

To transfer videos são de your pc to iPhone, simply drag any of the média files you desire into the 100APPLE folder within a DCIM folder. Alternatively, you deserve to opt to income your videos as an entire folder as well.

The last action is come disconnect her iPhone, agora you should have the ability to see and play the videos in Photos.

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Any other reliable methods to vai the job done? Leave der comment below and let united state know.