We took so countless photos that sometimes it appears like the cell phone has infinite storage. Until ns last hour in which he accuses the space porque o new photos. What to a partir de now? ns answer is obvious: learn how to mover photos a partir de your phone call to her PC.

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Another alternate is to use cloud storage services. Also so, just throwing her photos and videos to this servers may not be enough. If friend lose accessibility to your account, ao example, friend may fim up without your images.

So it's necessary to know como as to mover photos from your call to her PC. Fortunately, there ~ ~ several ways to do this. Let's concertos each of castle in a following paragraphs.

With her photos save safely on your computer, you will certainly have accessibility to them whenever friend want. Porque o example, think you've made naquela remarkable journey and want to create naquela video presentation.

By redeeming them são de your PC, girlfriend can use video modifying applications com photos at any equipe by simply retrieving ns images friend want. You can also usar programs to edit videos on her computer.

Now the you recognize some factors to understand how it can be beneficial to learn como as to mover photos a partir de your call to your PC, check fora the guides listed below to dá this in various ways!

How to happen photos são de mobile to pc – technique 1

The classic caminho to transport your images to der computer is through der USB cable. Ideally, if possible, you should use the original charger cabo to a partir de this record transfer.

It is worth pointing out that ns process ser estar done using a smartphone com Android Pie and a computer with Windows 10.

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Follow ns detailed step-by-step below:

1 – Connect the USB cabo to her computer and cell phone;

2 – Be sure to permit your computer to access a files on her smartphone. If a warning appears on her phone, click To allow. See a print we took below;


download a images e you will have ns backup

11 – Ready! her photos will agora be downloaded to der compressed file. You deserve to usually find a file in the folder Downloads your computer.

Evolve the quality of your photos!

Now the you've learned how to pegar photos a partir de your mobile phone come your computer in dois different ways, how about including an sub touch to a photos you pegue on her phone?

To learn more como as to são de this, check out our complete LIST with 100 great photo apps for Android e iPhone that you need to know!