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Although nowadays numerous applications market cross-platform data transfer solutions such together “Samsung smart Switch” ao transfer em ~ iPhone to Samsung and “Move come iOS” for transfer a partir de Android to iPhone, these devices can"t transfer MMS encontro such as WhatsApp. Yet due to the fact that of ns common usar of WhatsApp Messenger, if you ~ ~ switching em ~ iPhone to Android, it can end up being a problema headache come think around ways to transfer WhatsApp messages a partir de iPhone to Android.

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This article examines ns available strategies and offers some of the best solutions on transfer WhatsApp from iPhone come Android porque o free! Let"s vai started now!

Transfer WhatsApp a partir de iPhone to Android porque o Free

When us want transfer WhatsApp dia from iphone to Android, most of us may pick handle that manually. Yet we tho wonder is there have any kind of free rua to deliver WhatsApp data. Fortunately, there is!

1 Transfer através da Email

You have the right to transfer a exported files from an iphone phone to one Android com email, messages, or anything else you can access on ns Android phone. This feature, however, will only export ns WhatsApp chats to log files, i m sorry is what you will be reading on the Android phone. You will not have the ability to sync these WhatsApp chats com the encontro on her Android device.


But the is quiet the only easy, free e trustworthy way to transfer ns WhatsApp messages são de iPhone come Android.

Here"s como as to dá it:

Step one Open WhatsApp on ns iPhone e click top top the bate-papo that you want to transfer. Tap ns top of a screen e choose "Export Chat" em ~ the list.

Step 2 naquela popup will appear, and you can select to export the chats "Without Media" or "Attach Media".



If friend choose connect Media, your video/photo messages will certainly be enclosed to naquela folder various other than a text messages. Generally we will certainly click on a Mail symbol to fiddle chats, yet you can additionally choose another app as grande as you deserve to access a app on the Android phone.

Step 3 WhatsApp will start processing her data. Type in ns email resolve you want to send a WhatsApp chats to e click "Send".


Step 4 walk to a Android device, log in come that email account, and view the emailed chats.



one more problem com this method will be the alto number of handmade actions. You have to export chats uma by one, which method that if you have actually 50 chats come transfer, you’ll require to são de it 50 times.

2Use conversando Backup

Apart para use email to transport WhatsApp Messages, friend can also choose conversação Backup to deliver WhatsApp Messages from iPhone come Android para free!

Actually, ns WhatsApp message can back up e save daily auto to your iPhone"s memory. Girlfriend can select periodically backup your WhatsApp chats to google Drive, i beg your pardon is convenient porque o you to guarda the WhatsApp Messages.

The operating action as below:

Step 1Log in to your WhatsApp account on iPhone, e navigate come "Setting". Climate click "Chat" > "Chat Backup". Começo to ago up current WhatsApp encontro by a tap on ns "Back increase Now" button.Step 2Log into your WhatsApp account on your Android phone. E there will certainly pop up der tip asking you "Whether to Restore dia from Backup para the primeiro Time".

Step 3If the is triggered to "Restore são de WhatsApp iCloud", girlfriend can click on it and wait for restore.



Using google Drive to transfer dia is ns simplest caminho to transfer encontro to der new phone, it does needn"t install any kind of third-party tools. If you desire to use der local backup, you"ll have to use a computer e SD card to transfer a files.

Transfer WhatsApp a partir de iPhone come Android via Third-party Apps

Since WhatsApp doesn"t offer der direct way para users come transfer tudo WhatsApp encontro between different operating systems, some third-party devices cure this headache. In this component I will share 3 third-party tools that emphasis on WhatsApp encontro management.

1 iTransor para WhatsApp

One of a best WhatsApp deliver softwares to deliver WhatsApp messages são de iPhone come Android is iTransor para WhatsApp. This program is designed to help manage WhatsApp encontro in countless ways - backup, restore, transfer, and export WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business encontro from iphone phone or Android. Com this device we have the right to directly transfer WhatsApp data from iphone phone to Android there is no effort.


Here are some other features of iTransor for WhatsApp:

Support ago up e export WhatsApp chats, and read lock on naquela computer together they show up on ns phone anytime girlfriend like.Trusted e recommended by der lot that famous médio sites consisting of Make usar Of, Macworld, etc.



Just 3 simple step use iTransor:

Step 1: install iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer and launch ns program. Pick "Transfer WhatsApp between Devices". Connect ns iPhone and the Android device para transfer to a computer with USB cables.



the program must detect e display ns devices. Follow ns instructions on a screen.
Step 2: click on "Transfer" come begin a process.


Step 3: keep both devices associated to ns computer during a transfer. That might take minutes to hrs depending on the amount of WhatsApp data.



Backuptrans emerged to assist transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone come Android is called "iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer". It support iOS execution 4 to 15 e most Android phones - Huawei, Samsung, HTC, etc.


The procedure to transfer your WhatsApp messages em ~ iPhone come Android com this tool is below:

Step 1: Connect ns iPhone and Android to the computer.Step 2:Turn on USB debugging on a Android phone to make ns phone recognizable. Click "Back up my data", enquanto need come enter der password. On ns iPhone madness "Trust" in a window questioning if you want to trust her computer.Step 3: ns program will load todos your WhatsApp encontro from both a Android and the iPhone. Pick your iphone device a partir de the screen, then ideal click > deliver Messages em ~ iPhone come Android.


What"s more

Backuptrans also allows you to manage WhatsApp data in other methods than delivering them a partir de iPhone to Android. You can still earlier up and restore a WhatsApp data, but só on ns iPhone.


WazzapMigrator is an app that helps to move WhatsApp backup em ~ iPhone to Android. It could be complicated because this an approach requires programming skills e will take der lot of time to understand the operating processes. You will require three tools for this solution: iTunes, WazzapMigrator Extractor, and WazzapMigrator.

Let"s see como as to usar WazzapMigrator:

Step 1: Make a full back-up of her iPhone com iTunes and turn backup encryption in iTunes off.


Step 2: Download and launch WazzapMigrator Extractor on your computer. Use this tool to pack up a iTunes back-up of your iPhone.Step 3: Find a net.whatsapp.WhatsApp folder on the menu of the extractor. Locate the ChatStorage.sqlite file e your média files in the net.whatsapp.WhatsApp folder.


Step 4: Connect a Android an equipment to ns computer. Transfer a ChatStorage.sqlite file e your média files come the download folder of your Android phone.Step 5: Install and open WazzapMigrator on your Android device.Step 6: Wait until ns tool detects a files e tap "Select iphone phone Archive". Choose the iOS back-up you want to restore.


Step 7: Follow the prompts on the screen until you check out "Conversion Successful". Open WhatsApp on the Android phone e you will certainly see todos the WhatsApp chat history from the iPhone.

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Part 3. Comparison of a Methods pointed out Above

You might be perplexed by ns methods we have actually provided, so us made naquela comparison graph which includes a transfer between different operating equipment they can make. Just choose the 1 that suits you best.

iPhone come Android TransferAndroid to iphone TransferiPhone to iphone TransferAndroid come Android TransferDirect TransferOperation Difficulty
Email Chats

Chat ago up Medium
iTransor para WhatsApp Easy
Backuptrans Medium
WazzapMigrator Complicated


Since you have learned tudo de the 4 methods to carry WhatsApp são de Android come iPhone, you deserve to now compreendo to move other data left on her old Android. A most useful technique I quiet recommended usar iTransor, i m sorry is simple to operate and transfer fast. You can leave her comment if friend have any type of problems. Have a look around!