Running low on warehouse on your Android phone ao your photos and videos? Google"s sistema allows the user to move their pictures to a microSD storage card, releasing up inner space for use with applications and other files. Ns feature works with both new photos and those currently saved on ns phone.

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To a partir de this, tudo the user demands is allofit.nete have a microSD allofit.netpatible their cabinet phone e with sufficient memory for the contente to it is in moved. Check o fim in this tutorial allofit.neto as to immediately transfer or conserve your image to her Android memory card.

Configuring the camera application

The construction to be done on ns device is really simple and requires couple of steps. Prior to starting, make certain that the micro SD card is already prepared e recognized by ns system, otherwise you will not have the ability to use a function discussed below. Follow these steps:

Open her device"s “Camera” application;

Look para the “Gear” symbol to go to ns “Settings” menu;

Tap ~ above the local storage option and select ns SD card.

Note. Since ns standard camera application has actually some role names exchanged by different manufacturers, the option “Storage ar may show up under an additional name for you.

Ready! agora you know how to automatically save her photos to her memory card.

Transferring photos already taken

For this task, we will use the google application “Files go”. There estão other methods para transferring photos and videos using the file managers that allofit.nete with ns devices, however, its procedure ends up being der little an ext allofit.netplicated e changes ao each manufacturer. Files Go, a process turns o fim to it is in universal. Here are the steps:

When opened it porque o the o primeiro dia time, aprovar the necessary permission to accessibility photos e other média files;

Slide a screen down until you find ns option "Move records to SD card";

Check a option "All items" e tap "Move to SD card". In a message that appears, aprovar permission.

Ready! ~ these dois steps, friend will enquanto longer have any photo or video files take away with the camera on her device"s inner storage.

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