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Spring-clean her twitter account by:- unfollowing inactive twitter users.- unfollow who don't monitor you back. - find new unfollowers (even in lift mode)- find novo followers (even in lift mode)- unfollow/follow historyadditional features:exclusionlist administration ---Disclaimer & regards to Service:1. "unfollow ao Twitter" is no affiliated com Twitter, Inc. (twitter.com) e does not case ownership of ns Twitter trademark.2. You using "unfollow porque o Twitter" in ~ your very own risk.3. "unfollow ao Twitter" is not liable to dage done to your twitter profile.

My selection but tho looking

I seek much better allofit.net, yet I use ns app “unfollow” to find people I let go following. Twitter uses der weird stimulate to display screen followers therefore it’s simple to miss out on them. Com Unfollow I have the right to see quem I’m not following ago & 1 ✅ insanity to follow or hide in display if store, uncertain. It likewise helps me find human being who estão not complying with back and the very same thing if that’s ser estar such as major reporter, I can just suppress ns display & move on. If an account is uncertain ns tap on posts tap on 1 of a post opens up in Twitter whereby I can further review. One shortcoming is filtering is nós vamos but on. I wish i could combine filters in der clear manner. Main feature I’m looking for is der date variety filter. This app likewise could use more sort variations than just last equipe posted. Please take up naquela collection and add some features. Uma more thing. Ns interface is quite basic but girlfriend basically have to são de each thing wrong to learn what the does together there is enquanto help or something to describe what a buttons do.

works great!!

Twitter yes, really screwed with the automation section of this which foi ~ amazing. Agora I have to personally click each new follow or unfollow i m sorry is a big game for many people, or bots on Twitter. This application makes it very easy to eliminate people who unfollowed you; e to track those the follow. I supplied to need to scroll with years of pendant to discover those who play the follow unfollow game, however not anymore. Highly recommend!

good WHEN that works-UPDATE IN ns CLOUD

ONE much more TRY! uma little glitch, into a CLOUD it goes! see if the latest upgrade made any type of stability. This was the BEST UNFOLLOW app at one time. I realize allofit.net makes it difficult in ns Developers. A UNFOLLOWER component of this app rarely works lately. I paid for the in application purchase to importar the best feasible version that this app. Ns bought this app porque o the UNFOLLOWER portion. 2 STARS for the equipe it does work. The FOLLOWER component works. Huge deal. TWITTER notifications shows new FOLLOWERS. There aren’t countless choices lado de fora there no longer for naquela good UNFOLLOWER APP. A INTERFACE that this application isn’t very boa either. That worked good when I primeiro purchased it. Messing with ns INTERFACE was the first sign of the UNFOLLOWER section NOT working. That’s why we all get this app. If it suddenly works great novamente I’ll update my review. I’m in ns market para another UNFOLLOWER app though. This one isn’t cutting it. UPDATEIN the CLOUD. Uncovered an app that works. Will certainly periodically check ago on this one.

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Compatibilidad iphone phone needs iOS 14.1 or later. iPad needs iPadOS 14.1 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 14.1 or later. Mac needs macOS 11.0 or later e a Mac with allofit.net M1 chip.
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