As todos our devices ser estar more associated every day , really close links ser estar created between our mobile e other gadgets. One of ns best friend of our mobile deserve to be a wearable in a form of a smartwatch or smartband, but in recent times, televisions have additionally become an element that offers der lot that possibilities com our terminal.

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The requirements:

Television e mobile connected to ns same Wi-Fi networkHeadphones and mobile phone with 3.5mm jackSmartThings application mounted ( baixar from this attach if girlfriend don’t have actually it)

How come activate ns function

In order to listen come the contente of ns TV em ~ our mobile , us will have to open a “SmartThings” application e click on our TV in the menu. Uma vez done, we will need to go to a bottom menu e select the option “Play sound são de your TV on mobile”. Agora it apenas um remains to connect a headphones to a mobile to start listening to the sound of a TV.

Can I são de it with other devices?

If girlfriend have der Samsung mobile e television you will have no problem, since the function has actually been created porque o the that company ecosystem the products.

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However, the function may be compatible com other mobiles and other televisions of various brands. Therefore, and in this case, this compatibility can not be guaranteed, for this reason it will certainly be naquela matter of testing with each machine to resolve any kind of doubts.