At the time of the plant installation, ns biome where ns enterprise is located (Atlantic Forest) discovered itself severely affected by a expansion of agricultureand logging. Loss of habitat has actually subjected ns remaining populations of native varieties of fauna e flora come isolation and, consequently, a risk the extinction.At ns time there was no applicable standards, for this reason does not have areas designated as ‘compensation habitats’ in ns flooded area.

naquela study uncovered that in the área around ns reservoir, in Brazil, somente 23% to be forests, 24.7% were areas with forests exploited in intervir regeneration phaseand 50.3% were porque o agriculture. Come restructure the biological heritage, the sociedade invested in a implementation of long-term Preservation locations (APP),which consist of of ns Reservoir security Range, and created dois Biological Sanctuaries in Brazil (Bela Vista and Santa Helena, com 1,920 and 1,482 hectareseach, respectively).

through reforestation e partnerships, enabled ns connection in between Iguaçu nacional Park and the Ilha compridas National parque by establishing a Santa maria Ecological Corridor, connecting the two Parks to Fazenda santa Maria and the security Range, intended to preserve the gene flow of local species. Because 2009,, together com 13 public institutions and non-allofit.neternmental organizations, participates in the project “Participatory administration Actions in a Biodiversity Corridor the Paraná rio – Atlantic forest Biome”, so the this an ar is known as naquela potential biodiversity corridor.

Considering together baseline surveys top top flora e fauna carried out before theprojeto installation, there was enquanto extinction of species resulting from the building and construction or procedure of a plant. Instead countless native varieties found conditions ao establishment e reproduction in the areas that ~ ~ now protected and reforested.

due to the fact that then, there was enquanto further treatment (works or procedures) with ns potential to impact biodiversity in protected areas or not, maintaining a operationalroutine currently established by ns dam. The apenas um operative measure that has ns potential to cause dage to biodiversity would certainly be ns proceduresto prevent generating power machinery porque o maintenance purposes. To protect against fish kills, there ~ ~ protocols that aim to rescue e release kept fish. In 2015,30 rescue operations were conducted, conserving 2,888 fish that 43 species.

uma of a approaches used for managing plot aimed in ~ conservation of biodiversity is a analysis of medium e long-term monitoring results. An instance is ns monitoring the fish eggs e larvae: in 2015, it era possible to identify in ns reservoir the areas the spawning that 37 species. This mapping provides it feasible to determine patterns that guide a multiple supplies of a environment, minimizing ns impact on a reproduction of this species.

depending on the size, extent and its relevance to ns conservation of área biodiversity, has naquela brigade to prevent e fight forest fires in protectedareas of a organization, on the Brazilian side, coordinated by its very own technical staff, i m sorry is skilled e authorized porque o this purpose. It also has support froma network of partner institutions, a surrounding community e employees the companies offering services in organic Sanctuaries. In 2015, over there wereseven fire outbreaks, which got to 0.127 km² in 4 municipalities bordering the reservoir.

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a effectiveness of ns environmental monitoring system, the impact assessment e the voluntary cronograma of biodiversity preservation in have actually been known by the vida Institute in 2015. Among the main plot evaluated ~ ~ the preservation of 105 thousand hectares of forest; Cultivating nós vamos Water Program; ns creation of the Spawning Channel; the implementation of Santa maria Biodiversity Corridor; e breeding tasks of typical animal species of a Atlantic Forest and that estão threatened, such as the harpy. inaugura primeiro terra cercada por lã coletivo de harpias do mundo publicados em 8 de dez de 2015">


naquela abriu para visitação, nessa segunda-feira (7), um novo cercos no Zoológico roberto Ribas Lange, enquanto Refúgio biológico Bela visualizar (RBV), em Foz dá Iguaçu. Ministérios espaço luta cinco espécimes de harpias (Harpia harpyja), conclusão inédito na apresentação desta ave de rapina que, normalmente, excluir exibida em casal. Dinheiro como adquirindo a soltura destas aves maravilhosas e a adaptar delas durante novo lar.

for cases of reservoir level fluctuation, has der contingency arrangement that provides para the monitoring of todos its length and banks, and the Spawning Channel, in order to avoid feasible effects of the reduction the water levels, such together trapping fish in tiny ponds and commitment the multiple uses of a lake (fishing, leisure, navigation, etc.).

Climate fluctuations that alleviate rainfall in ns Paraná fluxo basin critical year led to a retraction of ns reservoir’s banks e formation of 26 secluded lakes com trapped fish. Interventions were performed in 12 that them, as opened channels para fish access to ns reservoir in order come prevent a death of animals by physicochemical factors, natural predation and overfishing.

The a empresa has ns support of a network of contacts dispersed to the fullest extent, enabled e empowered and with a support e partnership of ecological agencies and public protection to curb any depredatory plot against ns environment.

In a reporting period, 20 cleaning campaigns were carried o fim in partnership with the Development the supervisory board of a surrounding cidades to Lake, fishing swarms or associations e ten municipalities, i m sorry have listed trucks and made the allocation and proper handle of ns collected material. 58,400 kilograms of garbage were removed em ~ the reservoir area e the security range, as well as 487 bottles and/or containers the pesticides, referred to the association of a West coast Agrochemical Companies, based in santa Terezinha de

Protection selection (in Brazil): serves together support para native fauna and flora, reduces erosion, siltation e pollution the water resources, com total área of34,000 acre of reforested área on ns reservoir banks.

Santa maria Ecological Corridor: interconnects a riparian woodland of a reservoir to ns Iguaçu nacional Park. It is 13 kilometers long.

Spawning Channel: promotes connectivity amongst populations the migratory fish, connecting the Paraná river (downstream the plant) to a reservoir. It is10.3 kilometers long e the world’s largest and more complicated fish corridor. Species like pacu, dourado and curimba receive electronic marking and aremonitored e 61 species were videotaped at the terra in 2014-2015.

Biological Refuges: eight reserves e sanctuaries in Brazil e Paraguay, whereby studies and research ser estar carried o fim on a flora e fauna, in additionto education porque o the population.

Breeding of wild Animals of Binacional (Casib): performs reproduction pesquisar in captivity of rarely or endangered regional species in ns country.

Roberto Ribas Lange Zoo: is terra natal to pets of ns regional animal coming a partir de Casib, other zoos or that ser estar brought by ecological agencies.

Veterinary Hospital: provides outpatient e clinical care, surgeries and necropsies in wild animals (free or captive) e promotes scientific research.

Germplasm Bank: shop genetic coisas of species of native animals and plants, in nitrogen e seed.

Forest Nursery: to produce seedlings the native species that ~ ~ intended ao restoration the riparian forests in the region, defense range e refuges.

Medicinal Garden/Herbal Medicine: conducts educational activities, cultivation, processing e distribution of medical plants, aromatic and culinaryplants porque o the medicinal Plants e Sustainable interior Development programs.

Reproduction researches in captivity of área fish species: the results advantage indigenous, agrarian reform settlers, riparian communities, fisherfolkcolonies e associations, i beg your pardon receive ns fry para fattening in cages, through ns Fish manufacturing in ours Waters Program.

bruta number the species listed on ns IUCN vermelho List* <+> See ns full version of the tabela here

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the plant is located within a Permanent preservation Area, being 1,006.62 km2 in dry area (327.96 km2 in Brazil; 665.10 km2 in Paraguay e 13.53 km2 in both countries) e 1,350 km2 of flooded área (770 km2 in Brazil and 580 m2 in Paraguay). The area, i m sorry includes the Spawning channel does not fall under ns Ramsar Convention and the internacional Union for Conservation that Nature and Natural sources (IUCN), however is a priority área for biodiversity conservation of "very high” biological importance, de acordo com to national efforts.

safeguarded areas adjacent to include a Iguaçu nacional Park, the Ilha grande National Park, ns Cabeça de Cachorro national Park, a Santa mary Private inerva Heritage make reservation (RPPN) and other RPPNs that extend from the are of the states of Paraná e Mato Grosso a partir de Sul, totaling 2,644.57 km² of dry area and 323.15 km2 of flooded area.