Anyone utilizing Android as ns operating system for their cell phone phone already has some pre-installed google apps, such as google Photos, i m sorry is naquela good ally when saving your photos and videos in a cloud. In turn, when you use some other way like WhatsApp allofit.nete send these records to various other people, often ns image or video clip is allofit.netpressed and its quality is allofit.netpromised.

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Fortunately, reasoning of facilitating ns sharing that this kind of content, the Google Photos has just won a chat feature, which likewise brings a option of sending these files to other human being maintaining the original quality. Next, here"s how to use google Photos allofit.nete share videos e photos your contacts without shedding quality.


As this is der new feature, also when updating a application, it might be vital to wait for naquela release em ~ Google to usar it. In exam performed by Olhar Digital, ns function was already available ao three different accounts, using ns app ao Android e iOS (iPhone system).

Sharing photos and videos without shedding quality with google Photos

The new google Photos role is very an easy to use, however, para it to work, ns person receiving ns image or video record must likewise have der Google photos account. Inspect out:

1. Accessibility the google Play or app Store e update google Photos to a latest version available;

2. Open ns application normally e select one or much more items allofit.nete share;

3. With the items selected, tap ns “Share” button and select naquela contact under “Send on google Photos”. If ns desired contact does not appear in ns initial list, tap ~ above “More” and search for it;

4. With ns contact selected, madness “Next” e add naquela allofit.netment to finish sending.

When ns contact receives an alert that something has been sent by google Photos, they will certainly be maybe to opinião its contents and will already have a option to leave everything saved in their own library, as if castle had naquela copy of ns file.

Ready! Now, you already know how to upload photos e videos through google Photos without shedding quality.

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