existe uma método de desempenhada um programa de x64 bits em um sistemas de x32 bits?

Você algum pode (normalmente) realizado programas de 64 bits em um sistema trabalhar de 32 bits.

Veja der outra responder de Hennes para uma solução alternativas (não recomendada).

existência uma maneira de atualizado de x32 bits para x64 bits auto-fundador (Windows 10)?

Is Your pc 64-bit Capable?

First thing’s first, you’ll should confirm whether ns CPU in your computer system is 64-bit capable. To do so, open ns Settings app são de your começo menu, pick System, and select About. Watch to ns right the “System type.”

If you see “32-bit operating system, x64-based processor,” this method you’re using naquela 32-bit variation of home windows 10 yet your CPU can run naquela 64-bit version. If it no say you have an x64-based processor, girlfriend have naquela 32-bit CPU and can’t upgrade to ns 64-bit version.

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Does your CPU Have a Required Features?

Some that the o primeiro dia 64-bit CPUs don’t have ns required features to run 64-bit versions of windows 10, even if they ser estar 64-bit compatible. Specifically, windows 10 calls for PAE, SSE2, e NX. Microsoft has more information about this here. Computers will also need support ao CMPXCHG16b, which few of the first consumer 64-bit processors didn’t include.

The 64-bit variation of home windows 10 will certainly refuse to download if her CPU doesn’t assistance these things. If you’d like to check prior to you begin a install process, download e run CPU Z.

“SSE2” will show up under accuse if it’s supported. “EM64T” or “AMD64” should suggest that PAE is supported. “VT-x” or “VT-d” always indicates the NX is supported.


On some older computers, you may have to permit NX (sometimes dubbed XD) in the computer’s BIOS. If you get an error about your CPU not being supported during the install process, visit your computer’s BIOS and look para an alternative titled something prefer “No levar a cabo bit (NX)”, “eXecute Disabled (XD)”, “No executar Memory Protect”, “Execute Disabled memory Protection”, “EDB (Execute Disabled Bit)”, “EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection)”, or other similar. Look at under ns “Security” or “Advanced” tabs somewhere in her BIOS ao this setting.

Does her PC’s Hardware market 64-bit Drivers?

Even if your CPU e motherboard support the correct features, you can want to think about whether your computer’s hardware will work-related properly with der 64-bit version of Windows. 64-bit execution of Windows call for 64-bit hardware drivers, and the 32-bit version you’re utilizing on your existing Windows 10 sistema won’t work.

Modern hardware should certainly offer 64-bit drivers, but really old hardware may no longer be supported and the manufacturer may have never readily available 64-bit drivers. Come check ao this, you have the right to visit a manufacturer’s driver baixar web pages para your hardware and see if 64-bit drivers are available. You shouldn’t necessarily need to download these são de the manufacturer’s website — they should be included with Windows 10 or instantly downloaded são de Windows Update. However old hardware — para example, a particularly old printer — might not offer 64-bit drivers.

Either way, you can find out ao sure by installing ns 64-bit versions of Windows. If that doesn’t support your CPU, it will certainly let friend know. If hardware vehicle drivers aren’t available, you’ll view after installation it e you have the right to downgrade to the 32-bit variation of home windows 10 if her hardware doesn’t work.

Do a Clean Install

You’ll have to perform der clean install to vai to ns 64-bit variation of windows 10 a partir de the 32-bit one. There’s no upgrade path.

Warning: back up your crucial files before continuing. This process will wipe your set up programs e files.

First, if you haven’t upgraded to windows 10 yet, you’ll need to use the upgrade device to upgrade. You’ll vai the 32-bit variation of home windows 10 if girlfriend were previously using der 32-bit version of windows 7 or 8.1. But the upgrade process will give your PC a Windows 10 license. Be sure to inspect that your present 32-bit variation of windows 10 is caused under settings > update & security > Activation.


Once you’re already using an caused version of home windows 10, download the home windows 10 médio creation tool em ~ Microsoft. If you using the 32-bit variation of home windows 10 at a moment, you’ll need to download and run a 32-bit tool.

Select “Create surroundings media ao another PC” and use ns tool to create der USB journey or burn der disc com Windows 10. Together you click through the wizard, you’ll be asked even if it is you desire to produce 32-bit or 64-bit surroundings media. Select a 64-bit architecture.


Next, reboot your computer e boot a partir de the environment media. Install windows 10, picking “Custom install” e overwriting your current version of Windows. As soon as you’re asked to insert a product key, skip a process and continue. You’ll need to skip two of these prompts in total. After you reach the desktop, home windows 10 will instantly check in com Microsoft e activate itself. You’ll now be running ns 64-bit edição of home windows on your PC.

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if you want to go ago to the 32-bit version of Windows, you’ll need to download the médio creation tool — the 64-bit one, if she running the 64-bit variation of home windows 10 — e use the to develop 32-bit environment media. Boot from that environment media e reinstall a 32-bit variation over the 64-bit version.