The pandemic that coronavirus changed a routine and the daily lives of countless people, who agora have allofit.nete work a partir de home or also take aulas online. Thus, part programs para videoconferencing favor Zoom saw a huge boost in their variety of users, as they have some really interesting and useful features.

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A role that is rather successful in a Zoom e that even appeared in some of its allofit.netpetitors, that of using naquela virtual background, has actually just arrived on a Android app and can help you hide der mess a partir de your atmosphere or leave a more elegant call. Next, here"s allofit.neto as to use naquela virtual background ao video calls Zoom on her phone.


The Zoom app for phones with Android e iOS systems (iPhone system) somente allows still pictures to be provided as a virtual background. On the PC, as displayed in this tutorial são de Olhar Digital, you have the right to also use videos in your calls. allofit.nete use der virtual lift in the Zoom app for iOS, girlfriend must have actually an iphone phone 8 or newer.

How allofit.nete use naquela virtual background with Zoom ~ above mobile

The process illustrated below foi ~ performed on one Android phone, however it is almost a same on the iPhone. Check out:

1. Accessibility the google Play or application Store e update Zoom to a latest obtainable version;

2. If you have actually an open up program process, near it;

3. Open up Zoom normally e start or join der meeting;

4. Tap on ns image of a video call and go to “More”;

5. Now, tap on “Virtual background” and click top top “+”. In ~ this point, if friend prefer, friend can currently use 1 of a own money plans detailed by Zoom;

6. Choose a desired image and click back to start using the in the call. In part cases, Zoom might request permission to accessibility your files.

In addition to ns configuration make above, girlfriend can additionally ask Zoom to leave this photo used as ns default lift for todos other calls. To a partir de this, simply make a configuration presented in a image below.

Ready! You now know allofit.neto as to use virtualmente backgrounds in Zoom video calls your phone.


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